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    Dr. Li Li, General Manager of Medical Pulse: Explain the application of nanomagnetic micro-ball technology in the field of biomedicine

    • Last Update: 2020-11-18
    • Source: Internet
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      In recent years, under the impetus of a series of high-frequency favorable policies, China's biopharmaceutical industry is ushering in huge development opportunities, the industry said that the future for some time or will be China's biological and pharmaceutical industry innovation and development of a good time.
    Established in the development of the biopharmaceutical industry, august 26-28, 2020, sponsored by the China Biofermentation Industry Association, Shanghai Xinshi Exhibition Services Co., Ltd. hosted the 8th Shanghai International Biofermentation Products and Technology Equipment Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as "Shanghai Biofermentation Exhibition") held in Shanghai New International Expo Center, many people of insight gathered together, new products, new technologies, new programs to help the development of the pharmaceutical industry.
    At the exhibition site, Dr. Li Li, General Manager of Shanghai Medical Pulse Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Medical Pulse Race), an enterprise focused on the product development and application of nanomagnetic micro-ball technology in the field of biomedicine technology, was interviewed by Pharmaceutical Network.
    Medical Pulse General Manager Li Li (right) interviewed by Pharmaceutical Network Medical Pulse is a magnetic nano-microsphere medical device research and development company, relying on magnetic nano-microspheres and other technologies, independent research and development and production of magnetic bead nucleic acid extraction kit, affinity protein antibody purified magnetic beads, functional magnetic beads and a variety of selected rich magnetic beads and other products, these products are widely used in gene testing, virus screening, biological agents, tumor detection and other medical fields.
    It is understood that the company's production of nanoscale beads with high magnetic responsiveness, larger surface area, more durable suspension capacity, as well as excellent hydrophobic, has been applied to nucleic acid purification, fusion protein and antibody separation purification, immunodiagnosis, as well as enzyme engineering and other biotechnology fields.
    , what are the prospects for the application of nanomagnetic microcel technology in the field of biomedicine? Li said that nano-magnetic beads are a good separation and rich purification vector, such as the evolution from the original ELISA and other solid-phase immune methods to liquid-phase magnetic beads-based chemical luminescent immunity methods, nano-magnetic beads technology has undoubtedly brought a big leap in protein detection.
    " now in the nucleic acid extraction part, the use of the nucleic acid extraction is mainly magnetic bead method, this method makes the separation efficiency and purification efficiency have been increased by dozens to hundreds of times, prompting the nucleic acid extraction and detection has become a standard means of detection of infectious diseases.
    " to this, Li always believes that in the future in the field of biopharmaceuticals, including protein anti-system preparation, gene and cell therapy, fermentation, biochemistry, scientific research, nano-magnetic beads will also have more room for development.
    In this exhibition site, the medical pulse race carried a series of magnetic beads products debuted, including protein purification beads, nucleic acid extraction magnetic beads, etc. , at the same time the company is equipped with a number of magnetic bead-based nucleic acid, protein purification sharp.
    Ear-high-flux multi-functional automatic nucleic acid extractor" such as this multi-functional fully automatic nucleic acid extractor product, it can use high-flux dual head, one sample extraction, in addition to it has a very good concentration enrichment efficiency, through the conversion of dual head, so that nucleic acid enrichment efficiency of 50 times and higher, can make the detection sensitivity to the current common method more than ten times, greatly reducing the probability of false negative.
    addition, also on this instrument, can also complete 24 dozens of milliliters of protein samples at a time separation purification, so that protein purification truly into a new era of high-volume automation.
    " in the field, Li always highlighted a heavy-duty product - ultra-high-flux multi-functional dual magnetic rich set automatic extractor.
    , the mini three rooms, which replace the three rooms of the molecular diagnostic laboratory PCR, also made a lot of money on the spot.
    this instrument, nucleic acid extraction and detection can be done completely and completely enclosed, giving diagnostics unparalleled safety and versatility.
    ," Li said.
    introduction, this series of instruments are medical pulse race based on magnetic bead reagents follow-up development of products, has started to sell in 2020, currently in disease control, hospitals, third-party testing have a large number of applications.
    according to the company's plan, the next step, these products will be in the separation of rich, high-volume screening testing to show more applications, the company will be synchronized with the corresponding promotion.
    And when it comes to whether the company will consider promoting to overseas markets in the future, Li said that the advantage of the magnetic beads and instrument product line is that it can be very well relevant to the application of customers, so it has begun to develop the international market, the initial strategic focus includes the United States, Europe, Australia and other countries and regions, and products have entered Yale University and other advanced research institutions.
    company in the future layout, there are two main aspects: on the one hand, based on nanobeads to do more product development, including more protein antibody purified beads, there will be fluorescence and cell-selected bead products in the future;
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