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    Home > Food News > Food Articles > Drinking coffee before fitness helps you lose weight by burning fat.

    Drinking coffee before fitness helps you lose weight by burning fat.

    • Last Update: 2020-09-27
    • Source: Internet
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    Original title: Drinking coffee before workout helps you lose weight
    A study by the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil shows that drinking coffee before workout can help improve athletic performance, increase calorie consumption, and promote fat burning.
    asked volunteers to take 400 milligrams of caffeine capsules an hour before they went to work out and then ride a bike. The results showed that the average score was 3.3 percent higher than that of volunteers who did not take caffeine capsules earlier. Whether the volunteers regularly drank caffeinated drinks such as coffee, Red Bull and tea, caffeine capsules made them perform better, the Daily Mail reported, citing researchers.
    researchers believe caffeine helps muscles burn fat more easily and increase calorie consumption, helping to slim down. Experts warn that the safe limit for caffeine intake is 400 milligrams a day, the equivalent of four cups of coffee. (Huang Min)
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