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    Drinking homemade fruit enzymes can lose weight and nourish your face? Expert: Beware of food poisoning

    • Last Update: 2021-02-05
    • Source: Internet
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    want to lose weight? Try the homemade fruit enzyme diet that circulates online. "It is said that when you are hungry, you drink enzymes and don't eat anything else all day. Pick one to three days a week to lose weight, a month can lose
    kg. "In weibo, WeChat, paste bar and some health forums, the legend of fruit enzymes can lose weight has been widely reprinted by netizens.

    what exactly is "fruit enzyme"? How is it made? Say it has weight loss, detox a variety of magical effects, in the end can not be reliable?

    , a consultant in the clinical nutrition department of the University Hospital of Southeast China, said fruit enzymes are not a myth and should be careful of food poisoning if not handled properly.

    health, it is more important to have healthy eating habits to prevent obesity, not an afterthought.

    Quester: What is the "fruit enzyme"

    online spread fruit enzyme production method: first of all, fresh fruit washed and cut, and then layer by layer into the sealed tank, one layer per yard, proportionally add a layer of sugar;

    this approach is much like the process of making your own wine, except that it is a variety of fruits, and the grapes are more alcoholic and sweet. It's also like sichuan kimchi, just swap the fruit for a vegetable and add some salt and pepper.

    fruit enzymes that you drink in your drink are actually the equivalent of added sugar, not "kimchi juice" with salt and pepper.

    " in fact, fruit enzymes are enzymes. Xia Pengbin dietitian pointed out that a bottle of "fruit enzymes", essentially fruit-released and added sugar, lactic acid produced by lactic acid or yeast-produced alcohol, amino acids, vitamins and other metabolites, plus a large number of lactic acid bacteria or yeast bacteria composition of the mixture.

    its composition is not fundamentally different from pickle juice or wine.

    Spitting Groove: homemade "fruit enzyme" has a taste of wine

    many netizens in the
    process, found that fruit fermentation produces bubbles, fear of bottle explosion, open the bottle cap once a day shake, but a layer of suspected mold things. Some people think that if there are signs of mold, filtered out can drink, but some people think it is too bad, worried that drinking will be toxic. More questions ensued. Some netizens spit slot said: such as the method of the "fruit enzyme" to drink "higher than the number of beers."

    nutritionist points out that, usually, "suspected mold" appears and is basically about to fall out. The "fruit enzyme" you make has a winey flavor, which is the result of yeast activity. Yeast breeds rapidly in fermentation environments, and some say that making "fruit enzymes" produces bubbles, which are carbon dioxide produced by yeast. However, when the oxygen in the container is exhausted, the yeast begins to produce alcohol, and the smell of alcohol is produced.

    rumors: pickled fruit produced enzymes may be harmful

    fruit enzymes really have so magical, can lose weight? Xia Pengbin said that fruit enzymes are fruit and sugar with
    ratio of sealed fermentation, the resulting substance itself sugar content is still not low, the calorie content is probably quite a lot. If, according to the Internet, "when hungry, drink enzymes, do not eat anything else all day", do not know how much to drink a day? If your blood sugar is high, the risk is even greater.

    if fresh fruit marinated with sugar produces so-called 'fruit enzymes', it's also some enzymes that can't be identified, " he says. Say it can lose weight and health, I don't think it's reliable! Xia Pengbin dietitian pointed out that most enzymes are catalytic biologically active proteins, which have a wide variety of effects, some beneficial to the human body, but also may have adverse effects. If the production process is not hygienic enough, it is susceptible to mold contamination.

    even if the fresh fruit is sealed and marinated with sugar, everything is no problem, but what exactly is it produced? If there are enzymes, what types of enzymes are there?

    there are no reliable, scientific experiments to make these problems clear. In fact, homemade "fruit enzymes" can be produced directly without the desire for any beneficial enzymes; If you have long-term discomfort, it's even more rewarding.

    suggests: fresh fruit directly eat more healthy

    " In fact, processed fruit is mostly in the fruit-producing areas, this is to better preserve and use, to avoid too much production can not be sold out of decay and decay. But fruit enzymes are different from the production of canned fruits, not to prevent decay. Fruit enzymes are the principle of fermentation and are not corrupt. It can be eaten after fermentation. But many nutrients can be destroyed, such as vitamin
    are consumed in large quantities. Xia Pengbin said.

    but from the nutritional value point of view, fresh fruit should be washed clean and eaten directly is more beneficial to health. Because fresh fruits are rich in vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber, cut and marinated with sugar, they can destroy and lead to the loss of these active ingredients;

    health, it is more important to have healthy eating habits to prevent obesity, not an afterthought. It is recommended to lose weight by improving your lifestyle, which is more reliable than drinking "fruit enzymes".
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