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    Drug prices will be standardized, how to "break the game"

    • Last Update: 2020-07-29
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    Pharmaceutical Network Market Analysis Recently, Heilongjiang Medical Insurance Bureau issued the "Drugs and medical supplies centralized procurement and price supervision and inspection measures (trial)." It will be decided that from July 13th, the system will be regulated and administratively inspected in the fields of drug price monitoring, drug cost investigation, standardizing drug collection, and credit evaluation system for drug price acquisitionDrug prices will be standardized, how to "break the situation" in fact, as early as December 6, 2019, the State Medical Insurance Administration issued "on the current drug price management" clear, will rely on provincial drug bidding and procurement agencies comprehensive use of monitoring early warning, correspondence interviews, reminders, cost investigation, credit evaluation, information disclosure and other means to establish and improve the normal drug price supervision mechanism, promote the price of self-regulation operatorsAt present, in addition to Heilongjiang, there are many provinces have begun to follow upIt is worth noting that the industry generally believes that, with the launch of drug production costs survey in various provinces and cities, there will undoubtedly be another push for the reform of belt procurement, health insurance payment reform and so onThis could be another severe blow to drug companies that are falsely inflated costs, driven up spending, operated in violation, and have low cost control strains and confusing price controlsIn this context, the transformation of pharmaceutical marketing model is imminent, then how to do? The premise of the successful marketing transformation is that the strategic transformation is generally said, pharmaceutical enterprises marketing, must first from the strategic transformation, that is, have to have a master plan, in order to start the transformation, many pharmaceutical companies do not know this relationship, is to complain about marketing personnel, or only set goals, marketing management difficult to succeed, so, marketing senior management is always in exchange, marketing is not much, the product is not muchTherefore, the premise of a successful transformation is to make a strategic transformation (including product structure, business model, direction of development, etc., which is the basis of marketing)Learning from successful experience, accelerating product upgrading and product upgrading is an important path for pharmaceutical companies to achieve transformation, and will also play an important role in upgrading marketing modelsSpecifically, there are three paths, like Hengrui Pharmaceuticals, Qilu Pharmaceuticals and other companies, to follow the Path of Big Pharma (large pharmaceutical companies) for independent research and development; Among them, independent research and development needs a lot of investment, coupled with some varieties of independent research and development is too difficult, license-in model for most enterprises more convenient and effectiveIn the reasonable product structure, will also reduce the difficulty of enterprise marketing transformationThe adjustment of the functions of various departments needs to be accelerated to the future, and the construction of the marketing compliance system must become the core part of the new marketing model of industry and agentsThere will be significant changes in the responsibilities of various departments of pharmaceutical companies, so the organization's management model, processes and systems need to be re-plannedWith the gradual arrival of relevant policies, compliance will become an important management content in the future enterprise marketing and operation processIt is worth noting that the transformation of corporate marketing compliance can not be achieved overnight, from the concept of awareness to the action to land, it takes a considerable length yearning period of constructionHowever, the compliance transformation of pharmaceutical companies and agents marketing model must be started as soon as possible, otherwise, it will miss the golden change time node, affecting the new environment of the enterprise's development strategy transformation and competitive responseIn general, the marketing transformation of pharmaceutical companies is a very complex thing, the above three points are certainly not enough, but also need to consider the product organization, business model, organizational structure, compensation performance, management system and so onTherefore, although the country is currently strengthening the strength of pharmaceutical reform, increase the production, sales, circulation and other aspects of the whole supervision, pharmaceutical companies can not be self-inflicted, blind transformation and upgrading, to be realistic, to find a truly in line with the development needs of pharmaceutical enterprises transformation road
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