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    Drugstore people's careers are changing...

    • Last Update: 2020-09-24
    • Source: Internet
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    As a pharmaceutical retail operator, whether you accept or reject this new model, or wait and see what happens, new retailing is coming faster than expected.
    new retail changes are not only for customers, but more importantly for changing the traditional mode of operation and service of pharmacies, as well as for store staff.
    1, you just have to be obedient before the new retail, store recruitment staff, personnel managers and store managers are most concerned about the part is that people do not listen, good management? Obedientity is the foundation of an employee's work.
    why does that come first? As a terminal store, especially under the chain of pharmacies branch.
    service standards system, commodity system, management system do not need to worry about store practitioners.
    To work uniform clothing, whether you usually like to wear white or red leather shoes are not important, it is important that you should be in accordance with the company's requirements unified black leather shoes can be;
    model of pharmaceutical retailing is the most central winning weapon of the industrial age, it requires thousands of stores such as one store, as standardization as the only truth, no one has the right to change it.
    because as long as everyone changes a little bit is more than a thousand changes, any small changes accumulated stores on the mess.
    headquarters of the store requirements is unconditional implementation, unconditional obedient is good.
    new retail sales, employees can only listen to the line, such as machines generally execute orders, such as working hours so that do not allow the use of mobile phones? 2, service demand to promote the service mode change "how to know your family's promotional information ah, friends ring to send?" Oh, how do you use this coupon, can you build a small program? "Specials are out of stock, can you build a group in your store?" Can Jiyin make a small video to popularize health care and health knowledge? "Oh, Li Jiaxuan sells lipstick is very cheap, when does your wet tea start live?"
    customer service demand suddenly changed a lot! In the past, our pharmacy colleagues know uncles and aunts, as if overnight familiar with the smartphone, from Taobao, Vijay Lao Luo Li Jiaxuan all the way popular.
    even some of the greats came over on shared bikes to talk to the drugstore girls about blockchain and talk about new retail.
    demand in the pharmaceutical retail market has become somewhat reversed in an instant, and the diversified consumer demand of customers requires more specific, direct and diversified store services, which also brings deep-seated challenges to store goods, management and operation.
    , especially for front-line staff to bring higher demand for services.
    we also try to summarize these requirements.
    is that customers need a wider range of store channels.
    store activities can not be the same as before: SMS, posters, DM single! Can you send messages to circles of friends and stores? Second, the customer demand for products more diversified.
    can't always advise Aunt Zhang with the brand of vitamins, which brand does not have loyal customers, that niche products have activities? Third, there are changes in customer service scenarios.
    customer's use of goods, after-sales and other issues, can be resolved in the first time? For example, the store WeChat group who is responsible for, can deliver home, online and offline concessions consistent? Fourth, customer service demand increased.
    pharmacies are no longer a single place to buy drugs, or a knowledge output of integrated health care and safety medications.
    videos, such as shakers, are becoming increasingly important for store promotion.
    demand increases, the total-sub-management model of pharmacy uploads and releases is challenged like never before, and the era of store clerks obediently solving problems is over.
    3, from the standard military to the special forces era has changed, we can not stick to the rules.
    the past, pharmacy clerks were standard soldiers.
    have uniform standardized arrangements for eating, sleeping and fighting.
    learn professional sales skills, obedient is a good employee.
    good employees to work is not able to use mobile phones, answer the phone is best in 2 minutes can hang up.
    that's the problem now.
    private circle of friends promote store activities? You don't do it, someone else is doing it! Isn't that a little public and private? If off-duty time, there are customers to ask me whether I receive or not reception, does it count as overtime? Store activities of small videos, do I shoot or not? Shoot it, also does not count my work category, the company also has the marketing department designers; Aunt Zhang WeChat group consultation drug knowledge is precisely my profession, non-working hours should not answer, after the store let me be responsible for every day, that does not become a 24-hour customer service? We can see the changing scene of store services facing new retail.
    is that customer service changes have transformed store staff from on-time commuters to full-time staff on call.
    employees after work can not let go, but need to deal with the problem online 24 hours a day, the change is only the service site.
    is that pharmacy employees need to have a deeper reserve of expertise, a more comprehensive service concept and service awareness, so that at any time for customers to solve problems.
    third, some employees also have the ability to conceive themes, edit videos, modify pictures, edit text, publish works, from obedient to good single talent transition to composite talent.
    is that every employee needs to have a certain degree of Internet knowledge, especially advertising and drug regulations and other aspects of expertise.
    be ready to replace other employees at any time to do connected work.
    you see, the new retail has changed the marketing model of pharmacies and changed the vocational skills requirements of store employees.
    our entire industry is catching up with new retail.
    our employees, especially store employees, have also changed from uniform standard military personnel to special forces, each with a variety of skills, based on specialization, the integration of the Internet to adapt to the development of the pharmaceutical retail industry.
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