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    Drugstores piled up 500 meters opened 11 stores serious overcapacity?!

    • Last Update: 2020-06-16
    • Source: Internet
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    Medicine Network June 11th, a 500-meter street opened 11 pharmacies, what do you think of this phenomenon?
    Drugstorepile pile, 500 meters opened 11 stores June 8, according to Tencent news client from the media account information, Puyang Wanshan another Tianji pharmacy opened, this is Tianji opened in Wanshan fourth pharmacy, and each of these four pharmacies less than 100 meters apart.
    (Image source: Intercept to Baidu News Retrieval) According to the media feedback, in this less than 500 meters of the street, there are 11 pharmacies, in addition to The Four pharmacies opened by Tianji Pharmacy, the single-living large pharmacy has three, the unified pharmacy has two, there are two are monomers.
    In this regard, the self-media questioned, really do not understand why the pharmacy is so open, shop rent is higher than a, the drugstore profit is so high? Don't know if the pharmacy's profits come from drugs? Or is it from the State Health Insurance Subsidy?
    In fact, the phenomenon of drugstore pile-up in the industry is not uncommonIn Qinhuangdao City, Hebei Province, the author also noticed this phenomenon, in a local street, three well-known chain of pharmacies side by side, and every few tens of meters there will be these three stores, pile density is no less than "500 meters 11 stores" density.
    Doctor of Economics: Serious overcapacity in pharmacies At a conference, a Ph.Din economics also talked about this problemHe believes that China's pharmacy industry has been severely overcapacity, supply far outstripped demand.
    As a result, the market has formed vicious competition, and generally pharmacies are very weak in profits, or even run at a lossIn his view, because of the serious overcapacity in the drug retail industry, retail pharmacies can not earn the general market profits are prone to fraud and other illegal impulses, not conducive to the healthy development of the entire industry.
    In response, he also talked about a solution that would require a reasonable layout of the pharmacy space and a return to the pharmacy and insured personnel service ratio from the current 1:3000 to 1:6000.
    If calculated according to the ratio of 1:6000, that is to say, china in a reasonable layout, only 233,000 pharmaciesBut there are nearly half a million pharmacies in China, and is that really, as the industry has said, to close half of the pharmacies?
    Of course, shutting down half of the pharmacies is unrealistic and something governments don't want to seeFrom the market feedback results, the government is moving towards two aspects, on the one hand, in strict control of drug business practices, on the other hand, also in guiding the reform of retail pharmacies, reasonable layout, compliance management.
    In the pharmacy industry, the average net interest rate is only 3%, in addition to the retail pharmacy serious overcapacity, in addition to the retail pharmacy abnormal development, retail drug prices in these years also continued to rise, although gross margin is high, but net profit is very low.
    The economics doctor also said that from the actual survey, the current pharmacy retail industry does face an unprecedented winter, the industry's average net profit margin of about 3%, many small retail pharmacies are already operating below the long-term cost line.
    Internationally, net profit scants in China, the U.S and Japan are generally between 3-6% in 2018, but the gross margins of pharmacies in China, the U.S and Japan are 40%, 24% and 20%, respectively.
    He believes that this set of data also reflects some problems, indicating that China's pharmacy labor, logistics and other costs are twice that of the United States and Japan, China's pharmacy industry to make a profit, must change the drugstore business model, improve capital turnover, reduce labor costs, reduce warehouse costs.
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