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    Dutch painters are severely short of painters, companies hard to find high salaries

    • Last Update: 2021-07-25
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    Global Coatings Network News:

    Speaking of the recent prevalent occupations in the Netherlands, paint painters must be one of the hottest topics.
    Even if there are 20 paint workers looking for work through an employment agency at the same time, it is not a problem; the vocational training center is completely unable to meet the needs of construction companies.
    In short, there is currently a severe shortage of paint workers in the Netherlands.

    Global Coatings Network News:

    Those who have received relevant training and mastered excellent skills do not have to worry about not being able to find a job.
    The latest statistics from the Central Bureau of Statistics CBS show that the construction market is picking up.
    The construction industry in the first quarter of 2016 increased by 5.
    5% compared with the same period last year.
    Therefore, the demand for paint workers in the entire Dutch market is increasing.


    (Interior view of The Hague Library, Netherlands)


    However, a few happy and a few sad, the overall job opportunities in the construction industry are still declining, and nearly 1,000 jobs have been lost in the first three months of this year.

    In the construction industry, the decoration company owned by paint workers performed the best, with an increase of 8.
    In addition to newly built buildings, the maintenance work of existing buildings also requires stucco workers.
    The reason is that during the economic crisis, maintenance work is usually put on hold, so a lot of it has accumulated.

    A large number of paint painting projects cannot be completed in a short period of time because
    there are not many young people willing to be
    paint painters.
    For example, the training center Schilders COOL provides training for level 1, level 2 and level 3 paint painters in 12 locations across the Netherlands.
    The current number of students is only about half of what it was in 2009.
    It needs 1,800 students nationwide each year, which is far from being achieved.

    Paint paint paint

    Center director John Broeders said: "The number of students has stagnated.
    We are trying our best to promote this course in vocational schools, including providing job guarantees for new students, because we are sure that students who complete the training will find jobs.

    Paint painter has a poor image in the minds of young people.
    This situation has been going on for several years.
    At present, whether such a worry-free employment environment can increase the attractiveness of the profession remains to be seen.
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