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    Home > Medical News > Medical Research Articles > [Early bird deadline this Friday] IGC’s full lineup of agendas will be launched, and the world’s top experts will gather in the capital of Golden Autumn to explore the new future of immune gene therapy!

    [Early bird deadline this Friday] IGC’s full lineup of agendas will be launched, and the world’s top experts will gather in the capital of Golden Autumn to explore the new future of immune gene therapy!

    • Last Update: 2021-07-30
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    As the annual brand event in the field of immune gene and cell therapy, IGC 2021 5th China International Immune Gene and Cell Therapy Forum will be grandly opened in Beijing on September 1-2

    Professor Song Erwei, a clinical oncologist and academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor Mark A.
    Kay, former chairman of the Advisory Board of the American Society for Gene and Cell Therapy, Professor Gao Guangping, one of the world leaders in the field of gene therapy, Professor Fu Yangxin, an internationally renowned tumor immunologist, China Professor Wang Jianxiang, Deputy Dean of the Hospital of Hematology, Institute of Hematology, Academy of Medical Sciences, and more than 80 guest representatives, more than 1,000 majors, including developers, academicians and business leaders from international authoritative supervision, scientific research institutes, and the world's leading IO/GCT technology The audience will attend the IGC forum to explore the practical path of cutting-edge therapy "from innovation to transformation, from laboratory to clinical"


    Organizers: Chinese Society of Bioengineering, Business Map Biomap
    Supporters: Hematology Hospital of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences (Institute of Hematology), Lu Daopei Medical Group, American Chinese Biomedical Association (CBA), Corder Center for Rare Diseases (CORD)

    IGC2021 has confirmed heavy guests

    There are three special sessions dedicated to immunity, gene, and cells, specially inviting authoritative supervisors and academicians, internationally renowned scientific research scholars, senior experts/PIs from top universities, and global leaders of leading companies.
    Here are the ones you have seen and haven't seen!

    *More heavy guests continue to be updated.

    Scan the two-digit code below, enter the IGC official website and collect it, and check the lineup of big names you want to see in time!

    IGC2021 special and exclusive topics (list)

    Focusing on the path from "laboratory research and development to clinical transformation"; in-depth "tumor immunity, immune regulation and combination therapy, universal/alternative cells, tumor vaccines, AAV gene therapy, gene editing therapy.
    " and other popular technologies


    Session: Gene Therapy Innovation and R&D-Selected Topics

    ▪ Review progress of preclinical and clinical evaluation of
    gene therapy ▪ EMA experience: regulatory considerations for gene therapy review
    ▪ Application of testing standards in ensuring the quality of gene therapy products
    ▪ Development of drug design and drug-ready development under AAV gene therapy
    ▪ AAV genes treatment of blood diseases explore and clinical studies before
    gene under ▪ novel genomic editing platform with CRISPR treatment of pharmaceutical reporting case studies
    ▪ virus mRNA support application development in a new generation of gene therapy and delivery of drug design
    ▪ rare disease innovative drugs Market access status and trend analysis
    ▪ Breakthrough development of RNAi technology in gene therapy for rare diseases
    ▪ Roundtable discussion: Venture capital opportunities and strategies for gene therapy and nucleic acid drugs in China
    ▪ ……

    Session: Innovation and R&D of Cellular Immunotherapy-Selected Topics

    ▪ Evaluation and guiding principle analysis of cell therapy non-clinical research and clinical trial technology
    ▪ International IND application strategy for cell therapy innovative drugs
    ▪ New chimeric STAR receptor T cell therapy to combat solid tumors
    ▪ Clinical perspective: cells that meet the needs of clinical patients Immunotherapy clinical development and system construction
    ▪ Risk control and avoidance strategies for clinical development of new cell therapy TCR-T
    ▪ Allogeneic cell therapy development to resist transplant cell rejection
    ▪ Development and sharing of new allogeneic spot CAR-NK cell injection
    ▪ Safety type CART exploration and therapy clinical application
    ▪ mRNA platform delivery / immunotherapy research and development of gene conversion in cell engineering technology editor
    ▪ roundtable discussion: General VS autologous / allogeneic, the next generation of cellular immune therapy research and development opportunities and challenges
    ▪ .

    Session: Frontier Immunotherapy R&D and Combination-Selected Topics

    ▪ The next generation of bispecific fusion proteins CD47 and CLTA-4: targeting tumor cells and immune cells
    ▪ Research and transformation of NK cell therapy/tumor vaccines, etc.
    and PD-1 antibody combination therapy

    ▪ New immune checkpoints: from discovery to Clinical trials
    ▪ Anti-tumor immune checkpoint LAG-3 and other antibody/bi-antibody development case sharing
    ▪ Treg-related TNFR2 tumor immunomodulation therapy preclinical development
    ▪ IL-2 and IL-15 cytokine immunotherapy drug research and clinical Pre-development
    ▪ Personalized cancer vaccine design and development based on tumor
    neoantigens ▪ The latest development and application potential of nano-tumor vaccines
    ▪ Innovative research and development of tumor immunomodulatory agonist therapy
    ▪ Roundtable discussion: New hotspots and emerging trends of next-generation immunotherapy Where will it be?
    ▪ ……

    Get the full agenda of the forum? Welcome to consult the organizer: 180 1793 9885 (same as WeChat)

    Special thanks to the following cooperating units for their strong support

    The early bird discount ends this Friday!

    【Benefit 1】Group purchase benefits, only when the time comes!

    Register before July 30 to enjoy an immediate early bird discount of 500 yuan! Buying tickets for 4 or more people can enjoy a group purchase discount of 35% off the original price!
    For discount details, please contact: 180 1793 9885 (same as WeChat)

    [Benefit 2] Surprise linkage!

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    August 20-21, the 5th P4 China 2021 International Precision Oncology Conference will be upgraded and launched in Beijing.
    Academician authority/Health Commission/China Inspection Institute supervision/cancer clinical/leading diagnostic industry/precision pharmaceutical company More than 50 heavy guests, including experts, attended the meeting, focusing on precision diagnosis and treatment of tumors, starting from early screening, staging and typing, prognostic testing, companion diagnosis, biomarkers, precision immunization/targeted drug development and transformation, etc.
    , for 2 days In-depth discussion and sharing of the industry!

    Participate in IGC 2021 & P4 China 2021 at the same time from now on, you can enjoy a 20% discount on linkage tickets.

    more information, please contact: 180 1793 9885

    Contact the organizing committee for more forum information
    Tel: 180 1793 9885 (same as WeChat)
    Email: igc@bmapglobal.

    Website: https://

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