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    Eat fruit during pregnancy and don't exceed 400 grams a day

    • Last Update: 2021-02-24
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    Original title: Eat fruit during pregnancy, do not exceed 400 grams per day
    If this standard is significantly exceeded, complications during pregnancy and childbirth will increase significantly, as will fetal complications.
    Weight control during pregnancy is really not easy, one is that many mothers-to-be have a big appetite after pregnancy, easy to hunger; In order to control weight gain during pregnancy, the general dietary recommendations are: vegetables can be released in principle, how much you want to eat how much to eat;
    Clinically, when I talk to overweight mothers-to-be about their diet, they tend to say, "I've eaten very little staples and sweets, sometimes I don't even eat them, so why isn't I under control?" "What if I ask her again to eat fruit?" As a result, some pregnant women eat fruit as a meal. Well, poor weight control, are the scourge of fruit.
    fruits are rich in fructose in addition to various vitamins and cellulose. Fructose has the advantages of good taste, high sweetness, low sugar index and not easy to lead to tooth decay. Fructose is the sweetest of all natural sugars. Since fructose is a monosaccharose that cannot be used directly by the human body, it is absorbed by the intestines and enters the liver for metabolism, which can be converted into glucose, glyceton and fat, respectively. Fructose is easier to convert into synthetic fats than glucose. When fructose is ingested in small amounts, fructose is mainly converted into glucose, which increases the storage of glycosal in the liver. But when fructose intake is high, it is mainly used as an unrestricted raw material for synthetic fats. Fructose is even more harmful than glucose and sucrose among the factors that lead to obesity in the human body.
    undeniably, fruit is a good thing, but no good thing can eat more, especially mothers-to-be. According to the Recommendations of the Women's and Children's Branch of the Chinese Academy of Nutrition: the daily fruit consumption during pregnancy is 200 to 400 grams, which is the total amount of the day. Eat fruit, don't drink juice, drink juice don't eat fruit. If drinking juice, it is recommended not more than 150 ml a day. In general, it is recommended to eat fruit directly instead of fruit juice. The fruit itself is rich in cellulose, various vitamins and antioxidants that help fight bowel cancer, but these substances are lost during processing, so it is recommended to eat fruit as far as possible not to juice.
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