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    Eat "pseudo-healthy" foods Take a look at the ingredient list first

    • Last Update: 2022-11-15
    • Source: Internet
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    The prelude to "Double 11" has passed, and the right day is coming, I believe that many people are "holding back their big moves", and the shopping cart is full of all kinds of "good things"
    However, the greater the promotion, the higher
    the risk of paying IQ tax.

    For example, the body of minors is in the stage of growth and development, and the daily diet should adhere to the principle of
    "comprehensive and balanced nutrition, reliable and safe sources".
    Healthy eating experts especially "pull grass" 4 kinds of "pseudo-healthy" foods
    for you who love snacks.
    Because they either exceed sugar and salt, or simply do not provide the daily nutrients, if eaten regularly, it will affect the eating habits of minors, so parents are advised to exclude them from
    the children's table and daily diet list.

    If you want your child to grow up healthy and strong, you can supplement milk, fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts in moderation on the basis of a balanced diet, and eat less other snacks

    Drinks with "milk" One bottle of belly = four sugar cubes

    Most parents think that yogurt is a kind of "milk" containing drinks that are very healthy, after all, there is a word "milk", which is also nutritious, which is equivalent to calcium supplementation
    for children.
    But in fact, drinking a box of drinks may be equivalent to drinking 16g of sugar to a child - converted into sugar cubes, which is about the amount
    of 4 pieces.
    If parents know that this is asking their children to eat 4 sugar cubes at a time, I believe no one will agree

    According to national requirements, the order of the ingredient list must be recorded from more to less, and if you look carefully, the first place in the ingredient list of some milk-containing beverages is actually water, and fructose syrup and white sugar
    are added.
    The "Dietary Guidelines for Chinese Residents" recommends that the daily intake of added sugar should be less than
    If your child regularly drinks this milky beverage, sugar intake can easily exceed the limit

    Excessive intake of added sugar by minors will bring many direct and indirect harms to physical and mental health: 1.
    Increase the risk of dental caries; 2.
    Not only is it high in calories, but also stimulates appetite, eats more, and induces obesity; 3.
    Causes blood sugar to rise and increases the risk of diabetes; 4.
    Often drinking sweet drinks will refuse to drink plain water; 5.
    Prefer sweet snacks, affecting eating meals, resulting in malnutrition

    For the sake of children's health, high-sugar milky drinks are still recommended to drink as little as possible

    Eating a bag = consuming 9.
    5g of salt

    Many parents feel that dried candied fruits are processed from natural fruits, with a sweet and sour taste, and can also supplement some nutrients
    for their children.
    In fact, this type of food, a lot of sugar and salt
    will be added during processing.
    Because the sweet and sour taste is more prominent, it cannot be obviously salty, but the salt content in it is really not low

    As can be seen from the ingredient list, the edible salt of Gumei can be added
    While 1g of salt is equal to 400mg of sodium, if the sodium content of a snack in the nutrition facts table is 3171mg/100g, divide the value of this sodium by 400 to get the salt content of about 7.
    According to the net content of a pack of plums of 120g, eating all of them is equivalent to ingesting 9.
    5g of salt

    The "Dietary Guidelines for Chinese Residents" recommends that the daily salt intake per person should not exceed 6g, that is, the amount
    of a beer bottle cap (remove the rubber pad inside).
    After eating a pack of plums, let alone children, even for adults, the salt intake on the day exceeded the
    If this kind of food is often given to children, it is not only not good for health, but also affects their eating habits: often eat these salty and sweet heavy-tasting foods, which will not be interested in light foods and natural foods, resulting in partial eating, picky eating, and malnutrition
    Over time, it will also increase the risk
    of chronic diseases such as hypertension and hyperglycemia in adulthood.

    In addition, excessive sodium intake will also lead to a large loss of calcium in the child's body, calcium deficiency, affect bone development, and even increase the risk of
    osteoporosis in adulthood.

    Dried vegetables lack water-soluble vitamins and cannot replace vegetables

    Not liking to eat vegetables is a common disease of children, so parents feel that they can give their children dried vegetables to supplement vitamins, thinking that this is equivalent to eating vegetables
    In fact, this kind of dried vegetables cannot replace vegetables

    Because after vegetables are dehydrated and dried vegetables, almost all of their water-soluble vitamins are gone, especially the heat-loving vitamin C and bioactive ingredients
    Moreover, the fat content and calories of such dried vegetables are not low, especially fried dried

    As can be seen from the nutrition facts list of a dried vegetable, its fat content is as high as 41.
    5g/100g, and its calories are as high as 557kcal/100g
    The "Dietary Guidelines for Chinese Residents" recommends that the daily intake of cooking oil is 25g-30g, and vegetables should eat 300g-500g
    per day.
    If dried vegetables are used instead of vegetables for children, the fat intake has almost reached more than 120g, more than 4 times the guideline recommendation, and excessive fat intake will only increase the risk of
    obesity in children.

    If children do not like to eat vegetables, it is recommended that parents can change the cooking method of vegetables, such as chopping them to make vegetable meatballs or making vegetable soup
    If the child really wants to eat dried vegetables, it is recommended to choose the "freeze-dried" type

    Fruit juice drinks cannot replace fruit and will only make sugar excessive

    Like the idea of "replacing vegetables with dried vegetables", many parents will "make up"
    through various juices for children who do not like to eat fruits.
    In fact, juice drinks, even self-squeezed juices, cannot replace fresh fruit

    From the ingredient list of some orange juice drinks, it can be seen that the two components of water and fructose syrup account for the largest proportion; Although the juice content is marked as not less than 10%, it is actually not higher than 10%; The orange meat content is labeled as 5.
    5g/100ml, if a bottle of drink is 500ml, it is equivalent to eating 27.
    5g of orange meat
    However, the "Dietary Guidelines for Chinese Residents" recommends that the daily intake of fruits is 200g-350g, and if you use fruit oranges instead of eating fruits, it is too far away

    If you really want to drink fruit juice drinks to achieve the intake of 200g of orange meat, it means that you have to drink 3636ml of fruit juice drinks
    Let's not talk about whether you can drink or not, just drink 100ml, in fact, you will ingest 9.
    7g of sugar, 500ml belly, sugar intake has obviously exceeded the

    If you really want to drink juice, it is recommended to buy 100% raw juice
    Our country has regulations that 100% original juice ingredient list can only have water and juice.

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