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    Ecuadorian shrimp farmers staged a three-day nationwide protest that could affect the sale of 45,000 tonnes of white shrimp

    • Last Update: 2022-12-29
    • Source: Internet
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    On December 7, Ecuadorian shrimp farmers staged a nationwide protest as scheduled, with hundreds of shrimp farmers blocking roads to Puerto Hualtaco, Puerto Pitaya and Puerto Jeli in El Oro province, and Pedernales in Manabi province.
    in Jama and Cojimies areas.
    The protests are said to last for three days and end
    on December 9.
    Some local aquaculture associations, such as the Southern Regional Fisheries Cooperative (ASOPROADSUR), have also joined the protest to show solidarity with farmers and to speak out
    against exporters' price reductions.
    Ecuadorian shrimp farmers claimed on a Facebook forum: "In just a few weeks, processors have driven down the price of 50/60 specifications by $1.
    If we turn our heads and look at the performance of other competitors, we don't see a big price plunge
    We need governments to step in and stop blaming international problems for falling prices, because they simply don't happen
    In week 49 (5-11 December), the prices of HOSO white shrimp in Ecuador were as follows: $4.
    40/kg for 20/30 (per kg), $3.
    50/kg for 30/40, $3.
    20/kg for 40/50, $2.
    90/kg for 50/60, $2.
    60/kg for 60/70, $2.
    20/kg for 70/80, $2.
    00/kg for 80/100, and $$ for 100/120 1.
    80/kg, 120/140 only quoted $1.
    At the same time, protesters have also expressed opposition
    to the government's removal of diesel subsidies.
    Earlier, on December 1, the Office of the President of Ecuador announced that the diesel subsidy for large shrimp farms with an area of more than 30 hectares would be abolished the next day, and farms under 30 hectares would still enjoy the original subsidy amount
    "Eliminating [subsidies for large companies] is an ethical, responsible and socially centred resolution that the government believes subsidies should specifically benefit the poor
    ," the government document says.
    According to one operator, the price of fuel for shrimp farms in Ecuador rose to $3.
    917 ($1.
    04/L) per gallon, 209%
    higher than the government-subsidized price ($1.
    Jose Antonio Camposano, president of the Ecuadorian Aquaculture Chamber (CNA), said: "At a time when shrimp prices are at their lowest, the removal of diesel subsidies will affect 82% of the country's farming areas
    "This government decision was made at the worst time of the market and was not consulted with the industry before
    This will lead to an increase in production costs of $0.
    16/lb, seriously affecting the competitiveness of the industry and even putting producers at risk
    of bankruptcy.
    "The shrimp industry acknowledges many additional costs that are not commensurate with the costs and have not been addressed by the government until today
    The industry pays hundreds of millions of dollars in taxes and donations, but workers don't have access to public health care
    Farmers will also suffer more from road infrastructure, as will
    inefficient public services.
    Camposano said
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