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    Efficient and easy to use, smart and sturdy-the new Vanta iX debut

    • Last Update: 2021-07-29
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    The new Vanta iX online X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzer is now available

    The analyzer can perform automatic material analysis and alloy brand identification on the products on the production line, and provide the results in real time, so that the production process can be monitored in real time, and 100% of the products can be inspected without omission

    All-weather, efficient and easy to use

    Vanta iX can run 24/7 analyzers, which simplifies the quality inspection process of metal manufacturing and geological beneficiation
    The metal manufacturing process needs to be controlled 24/7 to ensure that the product is made of the correct alloy and avoid costly material confusion errors



    Vanta iX analyzer can provide clear material composition and alloy grade information within a few seconds, so metal manufacturers can prove that their products have passed 100% inspection and verification
    The analyzer can provide pass/fail results, or complete material chemical composition information

    In terms of geological beneficiation and mining, the analyzer can scan the core, analyze the ore on the conveyor belt, and provide real-time results to monitor the changes that occur during the beneficiation and mining process, and to ensure the consistency of the ore grade

    Powerful performance

    Through the silicon drift detector (SDD) and Olympus's mature Axon technology , this analyzer can detect and distinguish a variety of metals and alloys, including light elements
    This analyzer has the same high count rate and stability as other Vanta series analyzers

    Intelligent integrated transmission

    The Vanta iX analyzer is easy to install in a manufacturing environment: it can be installed on a robot or other system using the mounting holes on both sides
    Vanta Connect API (application programming interface) or a PLC (programmable logic controller), and with the help of discrete wires, the analyzer can be easily controlled
    Connector options include Ethernet (RJ-45) for Power over Ethernet, USB, discrete I/O (16-pin), and auxiliary DC power supply


    Robust and suitable for production

    This analyzer has passed the vibration test (MIL-STD-810G), meets the IP54 rating standard, can work continuously in the temperature range of -10 °C to 50 °C, and can withstand the severe vibration and strong electromagnetic of the production equipment Noise and acoustic noise, dust and moisture intrusion
    The built-in radiator can reduce the temperature inside the analyzer.
    If further cooling is required, a fan can be connected through the fan connection point

    Without the use of tools, the window of the analyzer can be replaced, thereby achieving the goal of rapid maintenance


    Need to order and demonstrate?


    To order or demonstrate the new Vanta iX online X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzer , please visit the following webpage to find the contact information:  or you can also call our phone: 400-969-0456

    ——Olympus Industrial Solutions——

    To Provide industrial endoscopes, non-destructive detector, industrial microscope, spectrometer, and other equipment and accessories

    Free hotline: 400-969-0456

    Official website:

    Email: SSBD.


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