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    Efforts to build industrial clusters and innovation sources, the innovation and development of Shanghai Chemical Industry Park set off again

    • Last Update: 2022-06-30
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    As an important bearing area of ​​Shanghai's chemical industry, Shanghai Chemical Industry Park has always shouldered the important tasks of optimizing the layout structure, promoting transformation and upgrading, and promoting innovation and development

    After more than 20 years of development and construction, the park has become a benchmark model with the highest degree of internationalization and leading development quality and efficiency in China's chemical parks


    Entering a new stage of development, facing the topic of "how to further enhance the core competitiveness of the park, continue to maintain its leading position in the domestic chemical parks, and make the development of the chemical industry make our lives better", Shanghai Chemical Industry Park thoroughly implements "innovation-driven" The national strategy carries and implements the deployment of the Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Center, explores and promotes the coordinated development of industrial bases and technological innovation, and a new journey towards innovative development


    How to speed up the construction of the Shanghai International New Chemical Material Innovation Center and build it into a shining business card of "Made in Shanghai" and "City of Innovation", Shanghai Chemical Industry District sincerely invites you to visit the 22nd China International Industry Fair and walk into the park booth to find out.


    Shanghai International Chemical New Material Innovation Center

    Plan first to establish a position

    The Innovation Center is centered on the Shanghai Chemical Industry Zone, focusing on the research and development of new chemical materials, transformation of results, and application innovation, promoting the accumulation of innovative elements in this field, optimization of resource allocation, and enhancement of transformation capabilities, realizing the linkage development of the industrial chain and the innovation chain , To become an industrial cluster and innovation source of new chemical materials


    Build alliances to coordinate innovation

    Cooperate with well-known universities, scientific research institutions, key enterprises and surrounding areas at home and abroad to establish the "Shanghai International Chemical New Material Innovation Alliance" and an expert committee to build a new innovation ecosystem of "government, production, learning, research, use, and capital" to promote Upstream and downstream, cross-field, cross-regional cooperation and innovation


    Set up a science and innovation center in the park

    Set up a "Science and Innovation Center" in the chemical industry zone to create three major sections of scientific and technological innovation, research and development, achievement transformation, and scientific and technological innovation services, and focus on the layout of functions such as "R&D experiment, pilot scale up, technology display, education and training, business office, and ecological leisure" , To create an open, convenient, and shared environment for innovation and entrepreneurship, and build a world-class comprehensive innovation base for green wisdom


    Host a theme double innovation contest

    Co-hosted the "SCIP" Green Chemistry and Chemical Industry Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition with China Petrochemical Federation, China Chemical Industry Society and East China University of Science and Technology.
    With the theme of "Green Changes the World, Chemical Industry Intelligence Creates the Future", it is an innovative talent and entrepreneurial team in the field of chemistry and chemical engineering.
    Provide a stage for display and growth opportunities, and become the shining business card of Shanghai International Chemical New Material Innovation Center


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