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    EFSA approves new silicon for food supplements

    • Last Update: 2021-02-07
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    The European Food Safety Authority (
    ). The EFSA
    ) that new food ingredient silicones are safe for use in food company
    submitted an application for the ingredient
    ), which mainly produces silicone
    .issue dates back
    , 2009, when the European Food Safety Authority said bioavailable and toxicity data were insufficient to confirm the ingredient's safety., the Irish Food Safety Authority (
    ) said in
    that the ingredient would need to be further evaluated before it could be added to the list of vitamins and minerals in EU food supplements (Annex Regulation
    ) no.
    ).silicon has been allowed as a mineral in food supplements, but
    is a new type of food because it is a
    national or intentionally modified main molecular structure
    .is usually found in food in the form of primary silicate (
    ), easily absorbed by the human gastrointestinal tract and excreted through urine.The latest assessment

    focuses on

    the assessment requested by the European Commission, the
    panel of the European Food Safety Authority (
    ) found that
    , with a concentration of
    , was considered a silicon source
    without safety issues
    expert group found that the data met the requirements for safety evaluation of new food ingredients and did not require further testing of chronic toxicity and carcinogenicity, as well as reproductive and developmental toxicity.
    ”Amanda dolan

    marketing director at LLR-G5
    , tells us that the company is proud of its

    it took us about
    years of research to get this positive opinion from the EU Food Safety Authority.
    ”She said the comments confirmed their confidence in the ingredients and that the company would wait for final approval from the European Commission before making the next step, which would include market expansion and the possible application of a health statement. Headquartered in Ireland,
    french in 1999, France is its main market.19

    rejected claimsEU records show that
    health claims
    submitted by other companies and organizations have been benefits claimed by include bone health
    skin elasticity
    hair and nail formation
    connective tissue formation, and prevention of aluminum accumulation in the brain. LLR-G5
    products claim to help support bone and joint health, connective tissue, skin vitality and cartilage formation. asked about the legality of the claims,
    said the company was working with regulatory advisers on marketing, which could mean it removed them. food supplement is a water-
    MMST, potassium and phosphoric acid. company also sells external gels and sprays. source of this
    , if reproduced please indicate the source, violators must be investigated.
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