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    El Nino attacks the Peruvian sea

    • Last Update: 2003-01-21
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    Introduction: at present, the decline and rising water temperature in Peru's ILO sea area once again make the market fall into the fear of El Nino At present, the decline and rising water temperature in Peru's ILO sea area once again make the market fall into the fear of El Nino But this time, the market is no longer silent, and traders from all countries have stockpiled in case of shortage of fish meal supply caused by El Ni? O, which brings an opportunity for Peruvian fish meal producers In less than 20 days in January, the turnover of Peru's fish meal market exceeded 100000 tons In the past week, Europe and China bought 45000 tons Due to the sharp increase in sales of A5 m, Peru's fish meal inventory has declined rapidly, so when most domestic people still think that Peru still has a large stock of fish meal, Peruvian suppliers are already worried about the supply of fish meal in the next season El Nino is like an irregular bomb, unpredictable, which makes the psychology of both the supply and demand of fishmeal quite tense The price of A5 m Peruvian fishmeal also showed strong performance under the encouragement of sales The Fas price of straight fire dried fishmeal rose to $530-535 / ton from $525-530 It is estimated that before the fishing did not improve, the price of Peruvian fishmeal would hardly fall Of course, in addition to the impact of El Nino, the reasons for more fish meal imports in Europe include soybean meal price, euro exchange rate, etc., but it is also the consistent practice of European traders to prepare before El Nino A5m
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