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    Elements to consider in brand design

    • Last Update: 2021-04-29
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      One: The corporate philosophy is that the enterprise inherits the fine traditions of the enterprise and the requirements of the habitual age during the operation of the enterprise.
    It is actively advocated by the entrepreneurs, and the whole employees consciously practice, and then constitute the collective energy that represents the enterprise believes in, stimulates the vitality of the enterprise, and promotes the production and operation of the enterprise.
    And code of conduct.
    We often see such abbreviated slogans in the design and planning of corporate brochures and websites, but most companies only pay attention to the search for a way to exist on the outside, and do not apply them to actual actions.
    Common concepts such as "integrity-based", but how many companies can really promise such a duty, and even do not treat their employees with integrity and fairness.

      Two: Closely link the intentions and themes of the album manufacturing.
    Whether it is the product album of the enterprise or the image album, whether it is the album of financial work or the album of educational work, the guidelines for designing and planning of corporate albums are reader-oriented.
    The intent of the album design is for users to read and view, and to clearly know the company's information for continued communication.
    In the planning of case slips, it is not for the grandstanding of the case, but to promote the healthy operation of the enterprise in the shopping mall.
    The compilation of case slips with policies is key-oriented.

      Three: In the album design works, the arrangement of graphics and text should be easy to read.
    If the font is too small or the graphics are placed incorrectly, it will affect reading.
    Too much decoration, jumping of the text into the page, etc.
    , are all wrong albums Design method.
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