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    Encourage market-oriented operation of biomass power generation projects

    • Last Update: 2022-06-23
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      The National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Finance, and the National Energy Administration recently jointly issued the "Implementation Plan for Improving the Construction and Operation of Biomass Power Generation Projects", proposing to adhere to the principle of "receipt-based supplements, new and old divisions, orderly construction, and stable development" to further improve Biomass power generation construction and operation management, reasonable arrangements for the central government's new biomass power generation subsidies this year, promote the sustainable and healthy development of the biomass power generation industry.

      According to the "Plan", project subsidies must meet four conditions: First, the project must be included in the national and provincial special plans for biomass power generation.
    The second is that the project must be a newly added project that year when all units are connected to the grid after January 20 this year (inclusive).
    The third is to comply with relevant national laws and regulations, industrial policies, technical standards and other requirements, supporting the construction of efficient pollution control facilities, and the city where the waste incineration power generation project is located has implemented a waste disposal fee system.
    Fourth, the declaration must be true, and there must be no falsification, illegal burning, etc.
    , and a credit commitment letter should be submitted.

      It is worth noting that in order to create a fair competitive market environment for biomass power generation companies, to protect the legitimate interests of the declared subsidy project, prevent the mixing of fossil fuels, fraudulent subsidies and other illegal activities in the operation of the project, and to maximize the reasonable use of subsidy funds.
    The "Plan" introduces a credit commitment system, and the reporting unit needs to promise that there is no fraud in the project and that the construction and operation are legal and compliant.
    Those who violate their commitments shall voluntarily assume all economic and legal responsibilities arising therefrom.
    At the same time, the promise information and the fulfillment information will be included in the credit record for collection and application.

      The "Plan" clearly stated that, on the one hand, it is necessary to continuously expand the utilization channels of biomass energy, adhere to the principle that gas is suitable for gas, heat is suitable for heat, and electricity is suitable for electricity, and it is encouraged to accelerate the application of biomass energy in non-electric fields, and improve project economics and product additions.
    Value, reduce power generation costs, and reduce subsidy dependence.
    On the other hand, financial institutions are encouraged to provide medium- and long-term credit support for biomass power generation projects, establish a domestic waste disposal fee system, and encourage local governments to coordinate various types of funds to support the "recovery, storage, transportation, and processing" links related to biomass power generation And compensation.
    Encourage qualified provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) to explore pilot projects for market-oriented operation of biomass power generation projects, and gradually form a market-oriented operation model for biomass power generation (Reporter Xiong Li)

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