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    Ensuring National Water Safety Water Quality Sampler Promotes Water Pollution Prevention and Control

    • Last Update: 2022-06-14
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    [ Focus on Chemical Machinery Equipment Network ] Water is the source of life, and people cannot do without water in life and production activities.
    The quality of drinking water is closely related to human health.

    Chemical machinery and equipment network hotspots pay attention to chemical machinery and equipment
    Five-water governance refers to the five items of sewage treatment, flood prevention, drainage of waterlogging, water supply, and water conservation.
    Zhejiang is a *water town, where water is the source of life, the key to production, and the foundation of ecology.
    The five-water governance is a multi-purpose measure, which not only expands investment but also promotes transformation, and benefits the people's livelihood as well as the environment.


    The value of water culture is that it allows people to know how to love water, cherish water, and save water.
    It has become the current national condition of our country to conduct five-water co-governance.
    "Prevention first, combined prevention and control" is its main concept, and the water quality sampler plays a huge role in the first half of the sentence.
    Now that the water quality sampler has laid the groundwork for its tremendous effect, the government has already begun to implement the next sentence.


    Water quality samplers promote the prevention and control of water pollution and ensure national water safety, which is a major issue related to the national economy and people's livelihood, and is also a key task of environmental protection.
    Water quality samplers are divided into two types: manual water quality samplers and automatic water quality samplers.
    The material of the water quality manual sampler must not affect the composition of the water sample, be easy to wash, and must not have any residue on the previous sample.


    The automatic water quality sampler is a bucket-type sampler suitable for proportional to the flow rate.
    It is an intelligent multi-functional inhalation type water sample separation bottle sampling device.
    It can realize a variety of sampling methods (quantitative sampling, timing quantitative sampling, timing flow proportional sampling, constant flow quantitative sampling and remote control sampling) and various bottling methods according to water sample sampling requirements.
    It is suitable for rivers, rivers, lakes, and enterprises.
    An ideal sampling tool for scientific monitoring such as discharged water.
    Various flowmeters can be configured for sampling methods related to the amount of pollutant discharge .

    However, to increase water pollution prevention and control efforts, it is not enough to rely on the power of the government alone.
    * Deputy Director of the Institute of Finance Bai Jingming said that the government must change the single supply pattern and broaden the supply channels of basic environmental public services.


    The implementation opinions are clear, gradually open the field of water pollution prevention and control to social capital, promote the use of the PPP model, and establish and improve a stable and reliable social capital mechanism in the field of water pollution prevention and control.
    In the field of water pollution prevention and control, a multi-level, integrated, and comprehensive PPP work standard system with contract constraints, information disclosure, process supervision, and performance appraisal as the main content is formed to achieve risk sharing, benefit sharing, and rights integration between the partners.


    According to the implementation opinions, the water quality sampler will promote the use of the PPP model in the field of water pollution prevention, and will focus on stock projects with a transparent and reasonable fee mechanism and relatively strong cash flow support capabilities.
    In addition to these stock projects, new projects that have been fully demonstrated can also adopt the PPP model.
    At the same time, it is encouraged to combine the natural conditions and technical characteristics of the project, innovate financing models, revitalize existing assets, and form an effective way to improve project operation and management, so as to build a standardized PPP model with full participation of social capital, full responsibility, and full life cycle management.


      For the benefits of the joint efforts of the government and social capital, this will help to further strengthen the overall water pollution prevention and control capabilities of the society, and help improve the quality of water pollution prevention services and management efficiency.
    To ensure national water safety, water quality samplers promote the prevention and control of water pollution.


      Original Title: Protecting National Water Safety Water Quality Sampler Promotes Water Pollution Prevention and Control
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