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    Epichlorohydrin Daily Review: Decrease again on weekends

    • Last Update: 2021-04-20
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    [China Epoxy Network (China Epoxy Industry Online) www.
    cn] News from November 8, 2010: The domestic epichlorohydrin market continues to decline and continues to be sluggish.
    On the last trading day (November 5), the mainstream transaction prices in the mainstream market in East China began to enter the range of 14,800-15,000 yuan/ton, and the low-end was reduced by 200 yuan/ton/the high-end was reduced by 300 yuan/ton.
    According to market experts from the China Epoxy Industry Association (www.
    cn), the spot market fell again on the same day and broke the 15,000 yuan/ton mark, with thin buying and few transactions.
    The raw material liquid chlorine plummeted and the cost weakened.
    , The buyer’s buying mentality is negative and the receiving goods are negative, the manufacturers have different delivery, high prices and low prices, some of the shipments are blocked, and the warehouse is facing expansion.
    Epichlorohydrin has a light external atmosphere.
    In Southeast Asia, the tank cargo was US$2200-2250/ton in November.
    Many manufacturers have no pressure on production and sales and have little intention of callback.
    However, the downstream low season, energy saving and emission reduction, demand shrinking, manufacturers are concerned about domestic shocks.
    Domestic epichlorohydrin market regional quotations: mainstream quotations in East China are 15000-15500 yuan/ton, low-end prices are lowered by 500 yuan/ton, mainstream transaction prices are 14800-15000 yuan/ton, low-end prices are lowered by 200 yuan/ton/high-end prices are lowered by 300 yuan /Ton; the mainstream quotation in Huangshan area is 15000-15500 yuan/ton, the low-end price is reduced by 500 yuan/ton, the mainstream transaction price is 15000 yuan/ton, the high-end price is reduced by 300 yuan/ton; the mainstream quotation in North China is 15000-15500 yuan/ton, the low-end Lower 500 yuan/ton, mainstream transaction price 14500-15000 yuan/ton, low-end price reduction 500 yuan/ton; mainstream quotation in South China 15500-16000 yuan/ton, lower-end price 500 yuan/ton, mainstream transaction price 15300-15500 yuan /Ton, lower end by 200 yuan/ton/high end lower by 300 yuan/ton.

    On the trading day (November 5), the epichlorohydrin raw material market was positive and negative.

    According to market experts from the China Epoxy Resin Industry Association (www.

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