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    Epidemic detonating drug company performance! 7 first-half loss China Resources 39 profit more than 1 billion

    • Last Update: 2020-06-17
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    Pharmaceutical Network June 8th, this year by the new crown pneumonia outbreak, the pharmaceutical industry can be described as two days of ice fireAccording to statistics, in the first quarter more than 50% of the Performance of A-share pharmaceutical companies (revenue, net profit) fell, 53 net profit losses, compared with the same period last year only 16As of June 5, a total of 39 pharmaceutical companies disclosed first-half results, more than 40% of the forecast, China Resources 39 expected net profit or more than 1 billion yuan; In addition, The United States Year Health, Zixin Pharmaceuticals, Innovative Medical, Tianmu Pharmaceuticals, Ji Pharmaceutical Holdings and other 7 first loss, of which, the Annual Health Net Profit Loss or more than 800 million yuanPharmaceutical companies in the first half of 2020the results of 12
    pharmaceutical companies losses: 7
    first loss, the loss or more than 8
    00 millionthis year by the new crown pneumonia outbreak, the pharmaceutical industry is more obvious differentiationOn the one hand, there has been a rapid growth in medical equipment, raw materials, etc., and on the other hand, the number of people visiting hospitals has decreased, resulting in the impact of enterprise product salesSo far, in the first half of the disclosure of the performance of the pharmaceutical enterprises, there are 12 expected losses, of which, The United States health, Zixin Pharmaceuticals, Innovative Medical, Tianmu Pharmaceuticals, Ji pharmaceutical holdings and other 7 first loss, compared with the same period last year only 5USYear Health: In the first half of this year, the company forecast a net profit loss of 850 million to 650 million yuan, down 5148.17 percent to 3960.36 percent year-on-year, and a net profit loss of 866 million yuan in 2019This means that net profit losses in the first half of the year may have reached full-year 2019 levelsIn this regard, the United States year health said that this year's outbreak of the new crown, directly led to the company throughout the country's medical examination center in February basically can not open, in March began to open under the guidance of the local health department, but by the epidemic control pressure that month income level is still lowThe company's business recovered in April and is expected to rebound significantly in May and June, with overall revenue expected to fall by more than 40% year-on-year in the first half of the yearIn response to the epidemic, the company actively action open source savings, through consultation with property owners around the physical examination center rent relief, to the local social security center to apply for social security relief payment, group executives to take the lead in reducing wages and optimization of human resources organization, the introduction of return to work special medical examination and other innovative products, effectively alleviate operating costs and financial pressureHowever, due to the large size of the National Medical Examination Center, some fixed costs such as housing rent, staff wages, financial expenses, equipment depreciation and decoration amortization base is still large, resulting in a significant decline in year-on-year performance   Zixin Pharmaceuticals: The company forecast a net profit loss of 175 million to 135 million yuan in the first half of the year, down 402.17 percent to 333.1 percent year-on-year Zixin Pharmaceuticals said that by the impact of the new crown pneumonia outbreak, the company's production and sales decline in the first quarter of a larger, although the second quarter to return to normal production and operation, operating results have eased, but it is expected that the first half of the overall adverse factors will continue to exist At the same time, the medical system reform policy of the pharmaceutical industry has not changed, drug research and development, medical insurance payment, bidding, volume procurement, new version of the base drug catalog and other related policies under the influence of intensified competition, the average profit margin of the industry has decreased, the relevant state departments of the drug retail price control and adjustment policies make the pharmaceutical industry face a huge impact, resulting in a decline in the company's pharmaceutical business revenue; In addition, the company Liuhe Pharmaceutical Industrial Park and other projects have reached the state of use, related depreciation costs increased   Innovative Medical: The company's net profit in the first half of the year was 70 million to 50 million yuan, down 415.08 percent to 325.05 percent year-on-year Innovation Medical said that the operating costs of the company's hospitals are mainly labor costs and depreciation expenses, is expected to be little changed in the 2020 half-year year-on-year; The company's net profit for 2019 was RMB1.150 billion, down 3975 percent from the same period last year   3
    net profit of more than 500 million : China Resources 39 leading, the huge loss of 2.6 billion after the "turning" statistics, the first half of the results of the pre-pharmaceutical enterprises more than 40%, of which, 3 net profit of more than 500 million yuan, China Resources 39 expected net profit of up to 1.2 billion yuan;   China Resources 39: Net profit is expected to be RMB860 million to RMB1.2 billion in the first half of 2020, down 50.07 percent to 30.33 percent YoY, and RMB1.722 billion in the first half of 2019 In this regard, China Resources 39 said that the company's performance significantly declined mainly in January 2019 the sale of its stake in Shenzhen 39 Hospital Co., Ltd 82.89 percent, to the company in 2019 to bring about 680 million yuan (after-tax) asset disposal income, and the income is non-recurring profit and loss, the expected non-recurrent profit and loss, the 2020 half-year operating results are basically in line with expectations   Fish Leap Medical: The first half of 2019 the company's net profit exceeded 500 million yuan, and this year by the impact of domestic and foreign outbreaks, in the company's first quarter performance growth on the basis of the company's non-invasive ventilators and other breathing machines, infrared temperature guns, oxygen meters and other detection of epidemic prevention and control products overseas demand growth rapidly, there are a large number of orders waiting in line for delivery, in addition, the company disinfection control products sales are still strong and profit margin level Fish Leap Medical expects net profit of 800 million to 827 million yuan in the first half of this year, up 50% to 55% YoY, and net profit will reach a new high   Yuheng Pharmaceuticals: The company's net profit loss in 2019 reached 2.662 billion yuan, down 2214 percent year-on-year Net profit in the first half of this year was "big flip", with profit selling more than 600 million yuan, up 171.22 percent to 192.75 percent year-on-year Yuheng Pharmaceuticals said the increase in the company's results from a year earlier was mainly due to the impact of non-recurring gains and losses, mainly due to the company's confirmation of the related gains from the sale of 100 per cent of Aono Pharmaceuticals Excluding the above factors, affected by the outbreak of new crown pneumonia, the company and the industry upstream and downstream delayed resumption of work, personnel, logistics constraints, product demand decline, the first half of this year is expected to show a significant decline in the same period last year   "The pharmaceutical industry has rigid demand attributes, and the lag in demand caused by the outbreak will accelerate the response "A broker's analysis points out that sales of non-epidemic products will pick up significantly as hospital outpatients and surgery in China gradually recover In addition, the economic impact of overseas outbreaks continues to increase, the pharmaceutical sector domestic demand characteristics advantages are obvious, will maintain a high degree of attention   Source: Oriental Wealth Network, listed company announcement
    statistics as of June 5, if there is a mistake, please point
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