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    Epoxidized soybean oil responds to EU ROHS as a "star"

    • Last Update: 2021-03-31
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        [China Epoxy Resin Industry Online] News from January 10, 2006: The EU ROHS Environmental Protection Mandatory Directive is a major issue for products from all countries in Europe.
    As an important producer and largest consumer of epoxy resin in the world, my country is actively researching and developing new products.
    , New technology to deal with, modified epoxy soybean oil is one of the important ones, which is sought after by the industry and has become a "star".

        The modified epoxy soybean oil developed by Guangzhou Dongfeng Chemical Industry Co.
    , Ltd.
    is abbreviated as "MESO".
    It is a product that uses coupling agents and additives to modify epoxy soybean oil.
    It uses renewable resource soybean oil as the product.
    The widely used raw materials have good compatibility with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and polyvinyl acetate.
    According to experts from the China Epoxy Industry Association (
    style="vertical-align: inherit;"> ), it has excellent comprehensive performance, low volatility, low migration, good thermal and light stability, compatibility, mechanical properties, processability, and durability.
    Pollution is better than DOP, more environmentally friendly than DOP, and more resistant to precipitation than general epoxy soybean oil.
    It can be used as a substitute for DOP and DBP.
    This product is water-free.

        The main application of modified epoxy soybean oil at present is: as the main plasticizer of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and vinyl acetate, it can be used for PVC asbestos with low processing temperature and short plasticization time; floor material and extruded plastic, non-filling Calendered films, printed films, artificial leather, gas pipes, rubber and plastic strips, heat-shrinkable sleeves, foams; sheets, pipes, foams, various shoe materials, and some cable pelletizing, etc.
    , with high plasticizing efficiency and good compatibility.
    Good overall performance.
    The product has a large safety factor and good product flexibility.
    If it is matched with genuine DOP and DBP, the plasticizing effect will be better, and the cost can be reduced.
    Dongfeng Chemical currently has multiple grades of modified epoxy soybean oil products, mainly MESO-12, which is used for artificial leather, calendered film, and printing film; MESO-15, which is used for rigid plastic pipe fittings and pipes; MESO-16, which is used for Heat shrinkable tubing; MESO-18, used for PVC sheet and foam sheet.

    (Our reporter Wu Xi)

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