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    Epoxy asphalt: environmentally friendly construction materials preferred

    • Last Update: 2021-01-09
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    China Coatings Online News Information:
    solvent-free epoxy asphalt - the first choice for environmentally friendly construction materials.
    The curtain of the 17th China Student Science and Technology Exchange has fallen in Guangzhou, but at the meeting flashed environmental protection technology, green chemical highlights of Guangzhou Zhengbang Chemical Company, but began to busy, in response to their participation in the new environmental protection construction materials - solvent-free epoxy asphalt resin consultation, asking for samples, and even direct orders. The general manager of the company, Dr. Ye Yongyuan, said: They developed the ®Kubang" series of "solvent-free epoxy asphalt resin", in the field of transportation building materials technology, with international leading level, it will replace the current domestic use of high-polluting epoxy coal asphalt, become the first choice in the application of construction materials.
    We all know that in recent years, China's urban pollution is becoming more and more serious, but many of the sources of pollution around us, but not known, such as: crisscrossing roads and bridges, buildings and various types of oil drainage, anti-corrosion and leakage pipes and other cross-construction on the surface coating, the general use of a toxic and harmful substances - ring Oxygen coal asphalt, which contains "coal tar" components, light pollution of the air, damage to the skin, heavy toxic carcinogenicity, its vapor and air reaction to form a flammable mixture, in the event of high temperature open fire may explode at any time, so these high-polluting materials in Europe and the United States have long been banned, but because of cheap, but still widely used in China. Obviously, one of the most effective ways to put an end to these dangerous and highly toxic inferior products is to replace them with environmentally friendly, pollution-free, emission-reducing, safe, high-quality, high-performance products.
    It is on the basis of this concept, Guangzhou Zhengbang Chemical Company under the leadership of chemical adhesive expert Ye Yong, successfully developed the "Cool Bang® series of solvent-free epoxy asphalt resin, which is a molecular nano-modified technology to make petroleum asphalt and epoxy resin compatible and produce environmentally friendly new materials, due to its solvent-free, pollution-free, high temperature stability, Strong bonding force and other performance advantages, products quickly in the steel bridge pavement and a variety of building bonding applications successfully promoted, other typical applications include: airstrip, non-slip pavement, cesspools, anti-corrosion waterproof pipe coatings, wind turbine blades, as well as a variety of outdoor building adhesives and coatings, etc. , its applications in a wide range of aerospace, aviation, energy, transportation, construction and other fields. With the awakening of environmental awareness, this "solvent-free epoxy asphalt resin" material completely replaces epoxy coal asphalt products, its scientific, industrial, social and commercial value is unlimited.
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