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    Epoxy coating construction process

    • Last Update: 2021-01-20
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    China Coatings Online News Information: Epoxy coating is for epoxy heavy anti-corrosion coatings exist in poor weather resistance, easy to powder the problem of insufficient, to long-lived chlorine sulfonide polyethylene rubber as the main improver, and then add special additives and additives, etc., after advanced technology preparation formed by the two-part heavy anti-corrosion coating.
    it has many kinds, according to the paint status of solvent-based epoxy coatings, solvent-free epoxy coatings and water-based epoxy coatings; According to the curing form, there are white-dry single-group, two-part and multi-group liquid epoxy coating.
    epoxy coating features
    1. Not only good corrosion resistance but also water resistance, durability, weather resistance and so on.
    2. Mutual mesh wear-resistant coating effectively prevents changes in the coating and improves the weather resistance of the coating.
    3. Construction is simple and convenient, not subject to site restrictions, with the use of.
    epoxy coating construction process
    1. The base surface should be treated before construction.
    2. Stir the paint until there is no sediment at the bottom of the barrel, then add the winter curing agent according to the ratio of paint and curing agent 10:1, and then fully stir and cook 10 to 15 minutes after use.
    3. Surface treatment requires the coating of metal surface, blasting, blasting rust to reach the international Sa2.5 level, after oil removal clean-up, surface to remain dry, to be coated within 4 hours, concrete coating, need to be coated before air drying until the water is less than or equal to 10%, the surface should also be cleaned.
    4. Sprayed with high pressure and air pressure, the thickness of the dry film is about 60 m, the thickness of the dry film is about 55 m.
    of epoxy coating construction should be
    1. After the paint is made, it is best to run out of time within 2 hours (20 degrees C), if there is no used-up primer can not be re-poured into the original paint material.
    . If the construction of coating technology, coating methods, surface conditions, shape, surface area size and other factors, the amount of primer consumption is generally 0.2kg/m2.
    3. If the coating is really too thick, you can add a special thinner appropriately, dosage 3 to 10%.
    4. In order to coating flat, it is best to use high-pressure airless spraying, in the absence of high-pressure airless spraying conditions to choose air spray, and manual painting as the third method of coating.
    5. The tool is cleaned with a special thinner after use. If the ambient temperature is below 10 degrees C, it can be extended.
    6. After the last paint is finished, it will take 7 days to use.
    7. Storage and transportation: is flammable materials, to be stored away from the fire source ventilation and dry place, storage temperature does not exceed 40 degrees C. Do not collide, do not contact with water.
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