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    Epoxy-colored sand flooring construction process and precautions

    • Last Update: 2021-01-20
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    China Paint Online News Information: Now more and more surface decoration materials, in addition to our familiar tiles, wooden flooring, there are many other new materials, epoxy sand flooring is one of them, that epoxy sand flooring is what, epoxy sand flooring construction process and notes what are the precautions? What do we know:
    is the epoxy-colored sand floor?
    Epoxy sand decorative floor is a new type of composite decorative flooring with colored quartz sand and composed of seamless integration, through one or more different colors of color quartz sand free matching, forming a colorful decorative colors and patterns, with decorative texture elegant, wear-resistant, pressure-resistant, chemical corrosion-resistant, anti-slip, fireproof, waterproof and other advantages. Colored sand epoxy resin decorative flooring performance is stable and reliable, decorative effect is more beautiful, the use of a wider range, can be used in industrial flooring, commercial and civil buildings. In recent years in Europe and the United States and other developed countries are very popular, known as "color sand seamless hard carpet."
    construction process of epoxy-colored sand flooring:
    1, epoxy-colored sand flooring grass-roots treatment

    Strength level must not be lower than C25.
    (2) the grass-roots should be raw pulp surface, machine lighting, in order to achieve flat.
    (3) concrete ground grass treatment in summer requires at least 28 days of maintenance time, the winter is appropriately extended.
    (4) the grass-roots level must be set up moisture-proof layer, grass-roots water content must be less than 8%.
    (5) the grass-roots surface should be kept clean during construction and no contaminants should be allowed. All contaminants such as fats, greases, paint residues, chemicals and syrup must be removed.
    (6) epoxy-colored sand floor construction temperature should be controlled at more than 5 degrees C, relative humidity should be controlled at less than 60%.
    2. Epoxy sand flooring construction method
    (1) Before entering the site, technical personnel must have a moisture rate tester to determine the water content of the ground, to reach the construction standards of less than 8%, before the following procedures can be carried out.
    (2) the construction personnel use the cleaning tool to remove the original floating slurry, floating sand.
    (3) determine the bureau's tribal differences, using an angle grinder to polish the raised part.
    (4) using a dust-free grinder to polish all the ground, the original ground loose layer, cement stains, lime film and other foreign objects in addition to mourning, the use of angle grinding machine grinding bureau tribal differences, the use of vacuum cleaners to the ground and corners.
    (5) use grass-roots repair materials to repair large grooves and cut seams on the ground.
    3. Epoxy-colored sand flooring note:
    requires that the water content of concrete should be less than 8%, to ensure the strength of the epoxy floor and concrete binding.
    , epoxy-colored sand flooring primer construction
    1. Material
    use epoxy high penetration primer.
    2. Epoxy sand floor construction method:
    material according to the match ratio to fully stir, the use of scraping process repeated scraping. The epoxy high penetration primer is closed and penetrates into the concrete base, ensuring that the epoxy-colored sand floor is combined with concrete and improving the durability of adhesion.
    3. Epoxy-colored sand flooring Notes:
    (1) According to the degree of material tightness and oil absorption, should be coated to saturation.
    (2) primer should be uniform, individual whitening places to be repainted,
    (3) must be sufficient permeability to ensure that the primer can penetrate the concrete surface.
    , make colored sand (or three English sand) effect layer
    1. The
    of colored sand (three-in-one sand) mixed with transparent epoxy resin.
    2. Construction method:
    using paver paving thickness of about 5.5mm, corner with artificial nail shoes into the crushing flattening construction, a large area with a flattening machine to flatten the surface, forming a seamless epoxy sand layer.
    3. Note
    the paving must make the surface of the epoxy sand layer overall flat.
    , transparent high-strength wear-resistant paint layer
    transparent high-strength polyurethane bright or matte wear-resistant finish.
    2. Construction method
    (1) use a grinder to finely polish the colored sand layer.
    (2) cleaning, dust removal, to obtain a good delicate color sand surface effect.
    (3) rolls with transparent, high-strength polyurethane matte wear-resistant finish.
    3. Precautions
    (1) must be free of knife marks, fine polishing, polishing.
    (2) must be cleaned and dust-free.
    (3) roll-over must be leak-proof.
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