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    Epoxy floor paint construction process

    • Last Update: 2021-01-13
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    floor paint paint a wide variety of construction process different product names are also different, but the construction of flooring paint refers to resin as the main coating materials, about how the floor paint is how to build, absolutely consumers may not understand, China Paint Online

    experts explain to you about the construction of epoxy floor paint some skills.
    1, construction process:
    1. Land ping paint painted again for primer (optional reinforced primer), so that it seeps into the cement, a closed cement capillary hole, play a moisture-proof role;
    2. Land floor paint (proportionally add high-precision quartz sand mix mixing well), poured into the ground, scraped flat to do the middle layer of the floor, to enhance the surface anti-impact, pressure, high corrosion and other performance to ensure the need for the durability of the floor;
    3. after the finish of the mortar layer, the floor paint plus high-precision powder into a thin putty full scraping 1-2 times;
    4. After the putty layer is dried, it is smoothed with a sandpaper machine, swept away or vacuumed by an electric vacuum cleaner;
    5. The land surface paint is rolled and painted to achieve a consistent color. Apply brush carefully to the wall, column edge, machine next to the brush, can not be painted with rollers to prevent soiling the wall or machine;
    6. Land ping paint varnish rolled over to enhance ground hardness and wear resistance.
    7. Land-level paint protection agent to prevent contamination of the coating.
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