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    Epoxy flooring paint adhesion test method - rowing method

    • Last Update: 2021-03-15
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    Epoxy flooring belongs to the surface coating category
    dation coating
    dation paint
    coating adhesion directly affects the quality of epoxy flooring. Poor adhesion of epoxy flooring coating may produce the phenomenon of coating drumming or even falling off, so how to test epoxy flooring coating adhesion is not up to standard?
    epoxy floor coating film adhesion test can be divided into three steps:
    1, rowing. First of all, the special floor paint rower on the floor paint test piece two knives, draw out a small square. In the rowing should pay attention to control strength, the knife front must penetrate the floor paint coating, to reach the base surface.
    2, paste the tape. Paste the tape where you just scratched it, and press it down so that the tape is fully pasted with the floor paint test piece.
    3, tear off the tape hard to observe the paint condition. After pressing the tape, tear it off hard and observe the paint quality fall off on the floor paint test piece.
    epoxy floor adhesion can be divided into 0-3 four levels, of which 0 level adhesion is the best, more than one level can be considered that the epoxy floor adhesion is not up to standard. Specific ratings can be referenced to the appropriate file.
    if it is not possible to accurately determine the epoxy flooring adhesion level, you can estimate the epoxy floor paint test part impact rate to determine whether the adhesion of the epoxy floor paint test piece is up to standard. The coating of the flooring paint is affected by no more than 5%, which indicates that the adhesion of the epoxy floor coating film is up to standard. If the floor paint coating is affected by more than 5%, the epoxy floor paint test piece is not up to standard adhesion.
    As mentioned earlier, the lack of adhesion of the flooring coating may lead to epoxy floor coating shedding problems, epoxy flooring coating film shedding refers to the flooring
    coating due to cracking and loss of due adhesion to the substrate, under the action of external forces so that the coating film is a small piece or the whole peel off the surface of the phenomenon. The degree of shedding can be divided into: the diameter of about 5mm or less small pieces fall off, called the skin of the python; A large area of shedding is called skin shell peeling; can be unmasked in pieces called peeling peeling; The separation between the coating and the coating is called inter-layer stripping.
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