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    Epoxy wear-resistant floor paint construction process and construction tools

    • Last Update: 2021-01-18
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    China Paint Online News Information: The importance of correct construction of epoxy wear-resistant floor paint, improper construction may lead to quality problems, so the correct construction process, in accordance with the process to avoid the occurrence of these problems. The following are the construction tools required for the construction of the on-site construction process and epoxy wear-resistant flooring project for your reference.
    construction tools:
    blaster, grinder, vacuum cleaner, roller, de-foaming roller, jagged knife, knife, grinder, metering equipment, brush, blade, trolley, size loading barrel, wire brush, blender, temperature and humidity meter, etc.
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    construction process:
    substrate treatment:
    1: detection of concrete substrate moisture content is less than 6%, the strength of concrete to reach C25 or more, the flatness of the substrate with 2m by the foot check gap must not be greater than 3mm.
    2: Check the substation for empty drums, sand, powdering, potholes, etc. , if there is the above phenomenon of the application of concrete repair mortar to repair the concrete substate, and find flat.
    3: If there are wax layers, paint contamination, chemical corrosion media and old coatings, should be treated accordingly.
    4: Concrete containing alkali super-standard substation, to completely remove the pan-alkali, if necessary, to make a balance
    5: the base surface to find flat, with a strong sander or large sand blaster on the substing rough treatment, clean up the base surface dust.
    : stone substrate, before coating to fully polish, to achieve a certain degree of roughness, improve the adhesion of vinyl materials, and completely remove the stone maintenance wax layer, handle the seams of stone.

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