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    Establishing corn export base in Jilin to promote the international circulation of grain in Northeast China

    • Last Update: 2002-06-19
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    Introduction: in the next few years, in addition to building a certain amount of feed corn, industrial raw material corn and edible corn planting base, Jilin Province will also establish a 5 million mu high-quality corn export planting base According to the goal of 5 billion kg annual corn export in Jilin Province, the area of the province's high-quality corn export base will be expanded to about 10 million mu at the end of the "10th Five Year Plan" Industry insiders believe that under the new situation of canceling corn export subsidies, Jilin Province with "golden corn belt" will establish and expand its corn export base, which is of great significance to stabilize the "North export" of northeast grain, promote the formation of China's corn import and export pattern, and promote the international circulation of China's grain According to the relevant provisions of the WTO, the direct export subsidies of corn in Northeast China have been cancelled since this year The strategic measure of establishing high quality corn export base in Jilin Province is mainly based on the prospective analysis of the international market and the positioning of its own role It is understood that China's neighboring grain importing countries have a large number of corn import needs and habits in Northeast China In 2000, South Korea imported about 6 million tons of corn from China (about 8 million tons of corn per year on average in recent years), which made China replace the United States as the largest corn importer in South Korea Yang Qingcai, vice governor of Jilin Province, said that the international market's doubts and vigilance about the safety of genetically modified corn also increased the competitiveness of northeast corn It is reported that since 2001, South Korea has implemented a clear marking system for genetically modified agricultural products At present, the price of non genetically modified natural agricultural products in the market is generally 20% higher than that of genetically modified products High water content, high cost and high price are not only the important factors that hinder the export of corn in Northeast China, but also make it difficult to form the ideal pattern of "going south and going north" in China's grain circulation As the price of corn in Northeast China is generally 0.10 yuan higher than that in southern market, and 30% higher than that in international market, southern grain consuming enterprises prefer to import corn from international market Therefore, from this year on, Jilin Province will further adjust the structure of corn varieties, and at the same time, it will vigorously promote the "regionalization, standardization, specialization and scale" of corn planting to optimize varieties and reduce costs The change of planting varieties and methods will start from corn export base The establishment of a large-scale export base of high-quality corn is of far-reaching significance for China, which has joined the world trade organization Guo Qinghai, vice president and doctoral supervisor of Jilin Agricultural University, thinks that in terms of price, northeast corn is still at a disadvantage in the international market competition, but China's annual grain output and consumption amount are very large, especially the absolute value of one percent of the total consumption will form a large share in the international market Therefore, the significance of establishing corn export base in Northeast China is not only to alleviate the domestic corn storage and financial pressure, but also to give full play to the advantage of "absolute value" of output Through the control of import and export time and quantity, it can participate in the international circulation of grain more actively, thus affecting the international corn market price and even the world grain supply and demand At present, the corn export strategy formulated by Jilin Province is "eastward, northward, southward and westward expansion", actively seizing the markets of Japan, South Korea, Russia, Southeast Asia and the Middle East and other countries and regions, expanding China's corn "northward export", and further influencing the international corn supply mechanism According to reports, at present, South Korea, Japan and other countries have a strong interest in Jilin Province to establish a high-quality corn export base, and have expressed their willingness to establish a stable food supply and demand relationship with northeast China (Wang Shiliang) (author:) shared on feed Weibo to:
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