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    Even white sugar can be considered sugar-free food, how on earth do we choose a substitute meal?

    • Last Update: 2021-02-19
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    summary of the

    of nutrition worth $100;

    the logic of buying substitute meal

    s; A few days ago, when I saw a host promote rice, I was surprised to see a anchor promote rice and said "carbohydrate" as "carbon dioxide", and reflected for a long time. The sixth national census report mentions that less than
    5 percent of the country's
    people have an undergraduate education, and that basic biochemistry knowledge is indeed unconceived in the minds of the vast majority of people. The only chemical terms are food safety incidents reported in the media.

    we use
    , nutritional ratio and energy ratio data, rational introduction of rice, most people do not see clearly. I believe that many people are willing to experience rice, more out of the trust in the brand. Frankly, when I was a programmer myself, I had no idea what a ratio was.

    but nutrition knowledge is extremely important, remember many years ago when the first contact with nutrition knowledge training, the teacher said "nutrition, driving, computer is a necessary survival skills." Human beings eat and eat every day, how to eat health, reduce the pain and suffering (
    of the disease is caused by eating
    ), do not spend money wrong, is indeed the basis of survival.

    I have been involved in the publication of computer-related popular science textbooks, and now cross-border health food, decided to through this article, from a macro perspective to output some content, so that the lack of relevant knowledge of the rice friends have a global concept of food nutrition.

    you and I also have concerns, after all, if the meal is also a substitute meal, we in the output of nutritional health content, there will be self-interested thinking. Fortunately, if rice is a special presence in the world of meal generation, we are open source, openly accept recommendations, continuous iterative optimization, and never mysterize the recipe. The formula is only suitable and inappropriate to say, there is nothing magical.

    healthy eating industry is very chaotic, involving food, nutrition and consumption, in addition to business interests driven, but also policy interventions. For example, when spinach was slow to sell in the United States,
    led the organization to shoot the animated film "Strong Sailor" to boost sales, in fact, from a nutritional point of view, spinach has no characteristics.

    our country has experienced a special period, rice and other carbon water has a historical mission, the same source of medicine and food has strategic value, these are not detailed, more sensitive.

    , how difficult it is to make informed choices as an average consumer.

    This article is mainly for substitute meals (ordinary food) chat about the basic concepts and how to choose, more knowledge points, I try to speak human words, if there is a pen error also hope to understand. After reading this article, there will be gains.


    The basic framework for nutrients

    For humans to survive healthyly, they need a variety of nutrients to maintain, some of which can be self-synthetic in the body, and some of which need to be ingested externally, i.e. to eat. Human survival is a continuous process against "entropy increase", the so-called "biological entropy", sorry, far away.

    we just need to eat water, carbohydrates, protein, fat, dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals every day. Usually eat a variety of food will eventually break down into
    substances for human use. Here's a brief overview of the 6

    about nutrition or harm must talk about dosage, otherwise it is hooliganism. Even if the garbage dump to pick up a cabbage leaf, as long as to carefully test, it is also the content of more than a dozen vitamin minerals, is nutritionally comprehensive, but the content is very low.

    Carbohydrates, also known as sugar compounds, are classified by the molecular structure of various substances, including carbon, hydrogen and oxygen atoms, of which the ratio of hydrogen and oxygen atoms is
    , which is the same as the molecular structure of water. Carbohydrates have a relatively low nutritional value, mainly for filling the stomach and providing calories.

    protein is a high-quality nutrient, and various amino acids are the basic components. Protein must contain carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, the detection of protein content is usually nitrogen content. Protein is the most important to the human body, but the degree of attention in the country is not high, can have the impression of the so-called collagen, popular in the female group, in fact, the final place is still amino acids are absorbed. Europe and the United States are more in the protein content, plant protein and animal protein ratio, we are still in the early stages.

    fat is controversial, and some people even think it's best not to eat it. The main reason is that we have the fallacy that eating fat turns into body fat. The recommended amount of fat intake is basically the same as the protein. Eating too little will only make you fatter, and some fat-soluble vitamins will need fat to be digested.

    4. The
    dietary fiber in our country and benefit from the popular science of coarse grains. From the molecular structure, dietary fiber actually belongs to carbon water, is also a kind of sugar. But from a functional point of view, there is a difference. Dietary fiber mainly includes soluble dietary fiber and insoluble dietary fiber. At present, the nutritional content list of food packaging can be labeled separately, or it can not be marked. Dietary fibers include cellulose, hexaculose, glial, and gel, in terms of chemical structure. I've found that many businesses are using the terms cellulose and dietary fiber indiscriminately.

    not broken down by vitamins and minerals, which are currently being promoted mainly by the health-care industry. If you have any further interest in the above various nutrition-related knowledge, you can learn to learn about the Nutrition Knowledge Quick Checkbook.

    handbook is provided by renowned dietitian Shen Xiabing, is the mainstream nutrition content. In my opinion, if you want to eat better, you can optimize on the basis of understanding nutrition. After all, mainstream nutrition also needs to take into account the ability of the general public to consume, and the prices of various nutrients vary greatly.

    in short, you just have to remember everything you eat, mainly because it contains nutrients such as protein, fat, carbon water, dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals to serve your body. Neither traditional food nor meal substitutes can jump out of this frame. If you see other new nutrient nouns and certain benefits, stay sane.

    two-step selection of meals

    the benefits of eating substitute meals are efficient access to precise and controlled nutrients and calories for the maintenance of human health. On the demand side, whether to lose weight or maintain weight, or gain weight, the logic of choosing a meal substitute is the same. That is, the nutritional ratio to balance high-quality mainly, through a specific total amount of food to adjust. If the nutritional ratio is significantly adjusted, it is usually used as a special meal for disease treatment and rehabilitation, etc., or as exercise nutrition, serving the special needs of professional populations. We are now only talking about the category of substitute meals as a common food.

    we need to know that ordinary food itself is not effective, the regulations are strictly prohibited to do related publicity. But most businesses will come up with a variety of paper strategies to make you feel effective.

    e.g. "Drink
    , not fire" this document is illegal propaganda, changed to "fear of fire, drink
    " is legal propaganda, the nuances of which can be carefully appreciated.

    If you see all kinds of innuendo, such as skin getting better, liposuction, slimming, acid-base balance, detoxification, etc., please don't be impulsive, because as a normal food, this is impossible to exist.

    how exactly to choose a substitute meal, we summed up two steps, first look at the nutritional ratio, and then look at the amount of consumption.

    first step: Look at the nutritional ratio

    We've mentioned many times that if rice is based on the
    between China and the United States, we've never said it in detail. Take this opportunity to talk about the design process.

    you can simply think
    recommended for a set of nutrient intakes that meet most people's nutritional needs. The relatively popular dietary pagoda is also a set of dietary guidelines that are used in a variety of food combinations to
    of dris data.

    However, the
    system is very complex, with
    recommendations for all ages, including recommended intakes of
    , proportion of total energy,
    recommended intakes for the prevention of non
    -chronic infectious diseases, maximum intake of
    , and so on.

    in order to make it easier for consumers to understand the nutritional composition of prepackaged foods, china also has a simple and common nutrient reference system,
    NRV (Nutrient Reference Values)
    . Nutritional content table data on meal substitute food packaging are calculated and evaluated based on
    system of food substitutes. This is the
    data in the nutrition

    table, as shown in Figure:

    percentage data indicates the proportion of nutrient content to the recommended amount for the day. However, because
    is a simplified version, the data can only be processed in a compromise manner.

    , the recommended daily protein intake for adult men is
    grams for adult men and
    grams for women. In fact, protein intake is mainly based on weight calculations, usually recommended at
    per kilogram of body weight, depending on the intensity of work there are different recommended amounts. In
    system, 60g
    is selected as a reference. The above main point is to explain that the data is only a universal reference.

    we use the data recommended by
    as a reference value to evaluate the recommended intake of
    macronutrients for protein, fat, carbon water, and dietary fiber. Because of the variety of vitamins and minerals, most meals are not marked with content. If there are labels, look at the
    ratio can be seen, usually
    are in a reasonable range (here also involves legal addition of the upper and lower limits and loss, other raw materials, etc., do not discuss)

    figure above is
    data, indicating a day recommended intake of
    carbon water
    dietary fiber. If there is
    protein in a meal substitute nutrition table, then the corresponding
    data and
    divided by
    , equal to

    recommended intake of carbohydrates in China is high, and the recommended carbon water intake in the United States is
    . China is high for a variety of reasons, even politically sensitive, without explanation. Together with the various studies of carbon water, it is necessary to control carbon water intake. In short, if you want to eat healthy, eat more protein fat dietary fiber these nutrients. Therefore, if the rice combined with the actual needs, the nutritional ratio has been optimized adjustment. Mainly reduced carbohydrate content, but also not the "low-carbon diet" of the extreme route, in the view of professional dietitians, if the ratio of rice is a real balanced nutrition, not high nor low.

    There are too many cost-control adjustments in other substitute meals on the market, such as removing fat, the most expensive ingredient, directly, and, by the way, catering to some users' cognitive misconceptions. For example, greatly increase dietary fiber content, creating an illusory feeling of bloating. The optimized nutritional data mainly adjusted the
    of carbohydrate
    to 120g

    if the nutritional content table data are similar, in fact, the overall difference is very small. At most look at preservative flavor and so on, with materials to see if the use of milk powder to provide protein, protein powder than milk powder is much higher quality. Of course, do not rule out the possibility of data fraud, it depends on brand values. I see a lot of cottages like rice products, do a mess.

    to facilitate the rapid screening of nutritionally balanced meals, we have concluded the
    based on
    intake recommendations. That is, the protein, fat, carbon water and dietary fiber content in the nutritional content table is basically
    , allowing for a certain proportion of up-and-down fluctuations.

    Take, for example, a table of nutrients per 100 grams of rice powder, protein
    and fat
    17.1g < b
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