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    Experience sharing: how to do the daily work of the service? Take a look at these 6 lessons

    • Last Update: 2021-01-18
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    The construction of the medical security service center in Yanxin City, Liaoning Province, is focused on the daily, and constantly moving towards the quality of service, the specific measures are as follows: focus on improving the service system to re-sort out the formulation of the center's rules and regulations and assessment methods, and the relevant business norms of various departments and rooms to further clarify, by the audit department issued a summary of the "Xinxin City Medical Security Service Center Rules and Regulations Compilation (first edition)."
    In order to further provide quality of service, standardize service behavior, reissone the Negative Filing System, the One-Time Notification System, the Vacancy Acceptance System, the Service Standard System, etc., and put the system on the wall.
    Efforts to improve service levels through the "weekend lecture hall" "department business training" "important work training" and other forms, to build a learning center, further strengthen the business and policy knowledge base of all staff and workers, improve the level of service capacity of cadres and workers; ", carry out the "I speak for medical insurance dedication" keynote speech contest and other activities, from the idea to stimulate the enthusiasm and enthusiasm of cadres and workers to serve the people, through the promotion of "good and bad evaluation" system, improve the "assessment mechanism", quantitative statistics and other ways to evaluate the first choice, from the system to restrain cadres and workers to strengthen the sense of service, and effectively play a leading role in promoting the level of service.
    Focus on strengthening the internal control center director to the wind construction as a key work to personally grasp, the first time to solve the problem, the leadership to take the lead, the implementation of the responsibility system, team members according to the division of labor, the department responsible for the construction of the wind to assume the main responsibility, forming a top-down step by step Level grasping the work form of wind construction, really do the wind construction everyone tube, everyone grasp the work situation, the audit department two hands grasp two wrong, that is, one hand to increase labor discipline and service attitude inspection efforts, create a tense working atmosphere, one hand to strengthen workflow monitoring and risk point prevention and control, to achieve comprehensive, the whole process from strict control.
    Efforts to promote the standardization of service matters in accordance with the Liaoning Province medical security management service list to provide the province's unified medical insurance service "Mandarin", for the operation of the service process, reporting standards, processing time limits, fill out forms are using the province's unified standards.
    , according to the provincial government service content, synchronization of our municipal affairs service matters, on time to complete the various online work items to promote the work.
    Efforts to promote the service facilities will be civilian service hall to set up self-service query machines, water dispensers, civilian copy, pregnant women seats, barrier-free access, military windows and other civilian facilities, high-frequency matters to standardize the development of a unified flow chart on the wall, convenient for the masses to understand in a timely manner, effectively enhance the service experience.
    also set up a volunteer help desk for the elderly, the disabled to provide guidance and assistance to handle services, greatly improve the satisfaction of the masses.
    efforts to promote service measures to facilitate the public through the news media, portals, service halls and other channels to the public guide and processing process, improve transparency.
    through the portal and WeChat public number timely for the community to announce various health insurance policies, while the opening of referrals and off-site medical treatment online processing.
    through the government service matters platform, to achieve part of the insurance, inquiry, and fixed-point pharmaceutical institutions service business online processing.
    in the "tube suit" on the effort, the referral business will be decentralized to the city's three three fixed-point hospitals, the masses can directly handle the referral business in the hospital.
    set up a special person to answer the consultation phone, public supervision of the report telephone, at the same time through 12345, the people's voice network and other timely acceptance, answer the public feedback questions.
    title: The construction of medical insurance in Yanxin City highlights the "six efforts"
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