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    Experiential marketing for Japanese farms

    • Last Update: 2023-01-04
    • Source: Internet
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    Experiential marketing is a deeper interaction, communication and use with products and
    farms by involving consumers in the overall marketing process.
    There are many farms in Japan that have put a lot of effort into experiential marketing

    Live signboard "Smiling Sheep"

    Rokko Mountain Farm is a private farm
    located in Nada Ward, Kobe City, Japan.
    The farm is inhabited by a smiling lamb with crooked eyes that look like it is smiling, hence the name "Smiling Jun"
    This smiling lamb attracts many tourists at

    According to the farm, the farm has a total of 150 sheep, and only "Smiling Jun"
    can smile.
    After the photographer who came to make the New Year's card circulated the photo of "Smiling Jun" online, the popularity of the farm immediately soared to 1.
    5 times
    the number of people in the same period last year.
    The farm clerk laughs and says that it is always smiling even when the cold wind keeps blowing

    Immerse yourself in the farm life experience

    Hokkaido has a typical maritime climate, cool summers and cold winters, which is very suitable for cow life, Hokkaido has black soil resources and green grass grows well, which is a godsend for the food supply of cattle
    Hakone Farm operates with a unique flavor and high quality business philosophy, so listening to music to beef is a daily standard
    Visitors can milk cows, massage cows, clean barns, fertilize, harvest crops such as corn and potatoes, make sausages or cheese, and experience small animals such as rabbits and goats

    Create a unique horse farm experience

    Kitakuni Farm is a famous horse ranch in Hokkaido, and in a vast park covering an area of about 50 hectares, it integrates agricultural and animal husbandry production with entertainment and experience for tourists
    Kitakuni Farm is one of the professional racetracks specializing in Japanese horse racing, and the horses bred have achieved many G1 (the highest level of horse racing) in Japanese horse racing
    After retiring, these winning horses returned to the horse farm to spend their old age

    Here you can meet a variety of horses, you can also ride horses, ride in the park carriage, visit equestrian competitions and watch horses gallop, it is a good place
    to get close to horses.
    Here you can visit a horse ranch, ride a horse on the grassland, shoot arrows, and experience authentic Japanese grassland life

    Vacation and leisure experiences attract more tourists

    BOYA FARM has high-quality pasture and more than 2,000 head of cattle and sheep, and is engaged in the sales of mutton, wool, milk, and beef products, and has a high reputation
    in Japan.
    BOYA FARM not only vigorously develops agricultural production but also tourism tourism, taking advantage of the farm's natural and beautiful environment to attract tourists
    from all over the world.
    In order to better serve customers, BOYA FARM has established "Farm House", where Farm House has established 4 wooden cottage villas, each equipped with a sheepdog

    In the chalet villa, visitors can not only enjoy the beautiful scenery of the farm, but also enjoy the unique farm life
    In addition to eating and chatting, tourists can also read or work here and do what they like to do
    When night falls, stroll through the farm, full of stars and autumn insects singing
    Using fresh vegetables and its own beef and mutton, the farm offers visitors traditional Japanese cuisine sushi, yakiniku, and ramen
    (Edited by Li Chuang)

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