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    Expert media focus face-to-face on zero growth of fertilizers and pesticides

    • Last Update: 2022-03-06
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    The people regard food as the heaven, and food as the first priority
    Healthy soil is the basic condition for producing safe food

    A few days ago, the Ministry of Agriculture made arrangements for the key tasks of this year's agricultural non-point source pollution prevention and control battle, and proposed to implement the "seven actions", which mainly include the promotion of zero growth of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and the promotion of fruit vegetable tea organic fertilizers instead of chemical fertilizers

    So, what measures does our province have to promote the zero growth of chemical fertilizers and pesticides? How to increase the supply of green and high-quality agricultural products from the production side, so as to promote the structural reform of the agricultural supply side? On March 28, a face-to-face event with experts and media on the theme of "Focus on Zero Growth of Fertilizers and Pesticides and Promote Agricultural Supply-side Reform" hosted by the Provincial Association for Science and Technology was held at the China (Taiyuan) Coal Trading Center

    The event invited experts such as Mao Jianhua, former director of Tianjin Institute of Resources and Environment, Zhao Jianming, deputy station director of Shanxi Soil and Fertilizer Workstation, Gao Peifang, executive dean of Entrepreneurship College of Shanxi Agricultural University, and Xi Wenbo, general manager of Tianjin Newegg Agricultural Technology Co.
    , Ltd.
    The scholars gave explanations to the participating media reporters in terms of policy interpretation, technical means, and promotion and application

    Mao Jianhua explained his views based on the history of the development of agricultural fertilizers in China and the excessive use of imported chemical fertilizers, which led to frequent problems in soil and agricultural products

    He introduced that China is a traditional organic agriculture country.
    In the middle of the last century, imported chemical fertilizers won the favor of Chinese farmers with immediate effects, and China's agriculture has opened up the age of chemical fertilizers

    At present, China is already a big country in the production and use of chemical fertilizers

    Excessive use of chemical fertilizers brings serious soil environmental and ecological problems, and causes food safety problems

    He believes that to ensure food safety, we must first ensure the health of the soil.
    We must use chemical fertilizers scientifically and rationally in agricultural production.
    We must use organic and inorganic fertilizers in combination.
    We must also carry out soil testing and fertilization work, targeted fertilization, and the use of new types of fertilizers.
    Biological fertilizer

    When talking about how our province will achieve the goal of zero increase in the use of chemical fertilizers in 2020, Zhao Jianming pointed out that farmers' fertilization concepts in our province need to be changed.
    Farmers should be encouraged to use organic fertilizers instead of chemical fertilizers.
    At the same time, soil testing formulas should be carried out to guide farmers in scientific fertilization and standardization.
    Production, mechanized production, to solve the "last mile" problem of achieving zero growth of fertilizers and pesticides from the source

    At present, all agricultural enterprises in our province have insufficient motivation to "weight loss", and enterprises must innovate in products, upgrade technology, and actively cooperate with the implementation of national policies

    Departments at all levels should increase publicity efforts, establish demonstration areas, and promote promotion through multiple measures such as demonstration, publicity, and training

    "At present, China's farmland soil is not deficient in nutrients necessary for plant growth, such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, which are familiar to the common people.
    What is deficient in trace elements are trace elements.
    The facts have proved that Nuege products can return China's agriculture to nature with high quality and quantity

    " Xi
    Wenbo introduced.
    , As a fertilizer R&D and production company, Newegg company focuses on soil improvement and restoration and agricultural product quality improvement

    In the southern citrus, pineapple, and banana producing areas, the company's products have not only successfully improved the acidified soil, but also reduced the cadmium content in crops; in the northern apple, strawberry, and grape producing areas, the company's products have improved the drought resistance of crops , And improve the storage durability of the fruit

    In 2016, the company cooperated with Shanxi Agricultural University to significantly improve the quality of apples

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