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    Experts questioned the selection of traditional Chinese medicine injection as the base drug say it has been fully demonstrated

    • Last Update: 2013-07-20
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    Recently, the catalogue of supplementary varieties of essential drugs in Guangdong Province (2013 version) released by the Department of health of Guangdong Province has attracted much attention

    In particular, 15 kinds of traditional Chinese medicine injections, such as Reduning and Chuankezhi, have been included in the catalogue, which has also aroused social doubts

    In response, the Provincial Department of Health yesterday responded that the selection of basic drugs has been fully demonstrated

    The so-called traditional Chinese medicine injection refers to "the sterile preparation of the solution, emulsion and powder or concentrated solution prepared for injection into the body after the extraction and purification of the traditional Chinese medicine and before the temporary use." Traditional Chinese medicine injections have been used for nearly 40 years

    However, due to the lack of basic research and development and the lax approval in the past, the quality of traditional Chinese medicine injections has been unstable

    Therefore, the inclusion of 15 kinds of traditional Chinese medicine injections into the base drug in Guangdong immediately raised questions

    A number of experts participating in the selection of this supplementary catalogue said that there are three main considerations: first, Guangdong is a province with a large population and a large province of traditional Chinese medicine, which has a broad mass base and a large demand

    Second, the supplementary traditional Chinese medicine injections are recommended by the grass-roots level and major hospitals, basically reflecting the current situation and demand of medical institutions

    All traditional Chinese medicine injections have the legal approval of the State Food and drug administration, and are all listed in the medical insurance catalog

    Their safety, effectiveness and affordability have been recognized by relevant departments

    After strict evaluation by clinical and pharmaceutical experts, they are commonly used in clinical practice and have curative effects And the varieties with better safety conform to the supplement principle of base drug

    Third, the price of traditional Chinese medicine injection can be reduced through bidding after it is selected into the basic medicine catalogue, and the reimbursement proportion of basic medicine is significantly higher than that of non basic medicine, which will further reduce the burden of patients

    On the issue of safety of traditional Chinese medicine injections, Guangdong health experts said that the State Administration of traditional Chinese Medicine issued the guiding principles for clinical application of traditional Chinese medicine in June 2010, which made detailed guidance and regulations for the rational use of traditional Chinese medicine injections, which has a good guarantee for the safe use of drugs.
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