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    Exploring the journey of a drop of oil

    • Last Update: 2021-08-03
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    Oil is the black "gold", the "blood" of modern industry, a non-renewable commodity, and an indispensable strategic resource for the survival and development of a country; it is an indispensable driving force for transportation and industrial production, as well as Necessities of our daily lives

    The textile fibers needed for the production of clothes, the fertilizers and pesticides needed for the production of food, the wires, toothbrushes, school bags, stationery used in life, the tires and interiors of automobiles can all find the shadow of petroleum.

    How does a drop of oil go from the oil field to the refinery, from the refinery to the petrol station, from the petrol station to the tank? On June 19th, North China Petrochemical Company and Hebei Sales Company jointly organized the "Petroleum Workers' Heart to the Party" PetroChina Open Day event, inviting the media, employee family members, and the public to gather in Renqiu, a famous oil city in Hebei, and lead everyone to get a closer look at a drop of oil.
    The "past and present" has unveiled the mystery of oil for people.
    This is also the first attempt by PetroChina to jointly display its brand image in Hebei's upstream and downstream enterprises

    North China Oilfield Science and Technology Museum-the generation, discovery and exploitation of "a drop of oil"

    North China Oilfield Science and Technology Museum-"A Drop of Oil" Generation, Discovery and Exploitation Huabei Oilfield Science and Technology Museum-"A Drop of Oil" Generation, Discovery and Exploitation

    The North China Oilfield Science and Technology Exhibition Hall, formerly known as the Petroleum Geology Science and Technology Exhibition Hall, was named "enterprise spirit education base" by China National Petroleum Corporation in 2006

    The lecturers used high-tech display methods such as sound, light, and electricity to present the complex and profound petroleum science and petroleum production technology to the guests in a profound and simple way through a piece of display board, piece by piece of exhibits, and a harmonious explanation.

    PetroChina North China Petrochemical Company-"A drop of oil" refining

     PetroChina North China Petrochemical Company-"One Drop of Oil " RefiningPetroChina North China Petrochemical Company-"One Drop of Oil" Refining

    PetroChina North China Petrochemical Company (hereinafter referred to as North China Petrochemical) was established in August 1985 and was completed and put into operation in December 1987.
    It started from a small refinery with an annual processing capacity of 150,000 tons.
    After the first and second phases of technological transformation, 5 million tons Expansion and transformation, upgrading and transformation of 10 million tons of oil refining quality, is currently a large-scale refining and chemical enterprise with a supporting processing capacity of 10 million tons/year, including 35 sets of main production units such as atmospheric vacuum, catalytic cracking, and residual oil hydrogenation

    As a fuel-based petroleum processing enterprise, the company produces more than 30 products of various brands of gasoline, diesel, aviation kerosene, polypropylene, etc.

      The instructor told the guests about the whole picture of North China Petrochemical Company through the sand table model of the whole plant, and overlooked the layout of the equipment and equipment of the North China Petrochemical plant

    Then, the guests boarded the observation deck to more intuitively feel the beauty of the towering tower and the magnificence of the steel forest.

    · · · ·

      "Can the treated oily sewage be able to raise fish?" With this question, the staff explained the classification and treatment of water, gas, sludge and other pollutants in the North China Petrochemical Environmental Protection Demonstration Zone, and displayed various types of fish in the fish tank.
    Children swim in the treated sewage

      After traveling by car around the 10 million tons installation area of ​​North China Petrochemical, the visiting team came to the control center

    All 35 major production facilities of North China Petrochemical are operated and controlled here, which is the veritable "most powerful brain" of North China Petrochemical

      The technicians in the production operation department explained the control situation of the highly integrated automation of the refining unit, introduced the production process of the whole plant, and explained the internal control panel operation with the control interface of the catalytic unit as an example

      Zhang Jingtao, member of the party committee and deputy general manager of North China Petrochemical Company, pointed out that as a responsible state-owned enterprise, North China Petrochemical has always adhered to the important thought of General Secretary Xi Jinping, "Green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains" as the guide, and actively practice "environmental protection first, people-oriented, The concepts of "low-carbon life" and "green development, cleaner production, and beautiful China", while improving quality and efficiency, protect the green mountains, clear waters and blue sky, and let the nature of "green hills without ink, green water without strings of ten thousand guqin" The beautiful scenery stays on the shore of Xiong'an, allowing our children and grandchildren to enjoy the rich material wealth while looking at the endless starry sky, admiring the blue water and blue sky, and often smelling the fragrance of birds and flowers

      He emphasized that in recent years, North China Petrochemical has done a lot of work in party building, safety production, green environmental protection, targeted poverty alleviation, low-carbon development, etc.
    , and achieved good results.
    North China Petrochemical staff will earnestly implement the ecological civilization thought of General Secretary Jinping.
    , Always maintain the strategic determination of ecological civilization construction, implement the major decisions and deployments of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality, practice the new development concept unswervingly and not slack, determined to innovate, work hard, and anchor the strategic goal of "building a benchmark refinery" , And strive to promote the construction of "green factories, smart factories, and materials factories"

      PetroChina Hebei Sales Company No.
    81 Gas Station——Sales and Service of "Yi Di You"

    PetroChina Hebei Sales Company's No.
    81 Gas Station—Sales and Service of "One Drop of Oil" PetroChina Hebei Sales Company's No.
    81 Gas Station—Sale and Service of “One Drop of Oil”

      PetroChina Hebei Sales Company is the only wholly-owned provincial-level refined oil sales enterprise of PetroChina in Hebei.
    It is mainly responsible for the specific work of PetroChina’s refined oil, non-oil product sales and services, gas station network expansion, brand image building, etc.
    in Hebei Task

    Hebei Sales currently operates more than 1,000 gas stations and more than 10 oil depots with a storage capacity of more than 100,000 cubic meters

      The No.
    81 gas station in Cangzhou, Hebei, as the "vanguard" in Renqiu area, has always been based on the "oil city, gas station, and oil situation", and fully undertakes the supply of local oil companies' resources and the daily oil and non-oil products demand and supply of the people in the oil area.
    The mission has established the beautiful brand of PetroChina, which has been affirmed and praised by China National Petroleum Corporation, local governments and the general public

    The convenience store of this station not only sells Huawei mobile phones and Great Wall Motors, but also the KFC car shuttle restaurant project is about to start construction, which truly realizes the "people•vehicle•life" ecosystem, providing customers and the public with high-quality fueling, car service, An integrated high-quality service experience for dining and shopping

      At the event site, the staff explained and demonstrated relevant knowledge about oil product unloading, oil and gas recovery, oil quality identification, etc.
    , and staff related to the oil quality control, oil price mechanism, and convenience store product categories that the media and consumers are concerned about.
    Centralized answers to questions and interaction with on-site consumers

      Ruan Xiaogang, Member of the Party Committee, Deputy General Manager and Spokesperson of Hebei Sales Company, emphasized that the company takes root in Yanzhao fertile soil, fulfills its responsibilities as a central enterprise, promotes the spirit of petroleum, contributes to petroleum, is committed to safety and environmental protection, and always cheers for the "beautiful Hebei"; dedicated to serving the Winter Olympics , Always contribute to the "Winter Olympic Games"; committed to an all-round well-off, always work for the "village revitalization"; committed to the convenience and benefit of the people, always adding luster to the "happy life"; committed to the leadership of party building, always enhancing the glorious image of the "petroleum spirit"

    Taking smart gas stations as the standard, using big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other technologies to build gas stations into a “safe, convenient, green, warm, and intelligent” ecosystem of “people, vehicles, and life”, integrating oil, gas, hydrogen, and electricity The energy supply service station forms a comprehensive online and offline customer service platform that provides customers with full-product, omni-channel, and full-route services, making gas station operations smarter, more professional services, and more comfortable for customers

      He said that he will continue to leverage the advantages of PetroChina's upstream and downstream integration with Huabei Oilfield and Huabei Petrochemical, and ensure that every drop of oil provided represents PetroChina’s responsibility, every drop of oil represents PetroChina’s commitment, and every drop of oil represents China.
    The quality of oil, every drop of oil represents the service of PetroChina, and every drop of oil represents the brand of PetroChina

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