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    Exposure! Shanghai informed the child chicken, ridge meat, leather shrimp, soybean sprouts and other 5 batches of unqualified food

    • Last Update: 2021-01-16
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      Food Partners Network News August 28, the Shanghai Municipal Market Supervision And Administration released the latest issue of food safety sampling information, this supervision sampling information involves 8 categories of food, including: food and beverage products, bee products, alcohol, meat products, sugar, edible agricultural products, frozen food, beverages and so on.
    samples for sampling a total of 529 batches, of which 524 batches were qualified and 5 batches were not qualified.
    non-conforming samples were 5 batches of edible agricultural products, and the non-conforming items involved furantazone metabolites, 4-chlorobenzene sodium acetic acid (in 4-chlorobenzene acetic acid), cadmium (in CD), oxyfluorosa, sulfonamide (total).
    unqualified food, there are 2 batches of food detected cadmium exceeding the standard, respectively, Shanghai Box Horse Network Technology Co., Ltd. Jing'an second branch sales of leather shrimp, Shanghai Chongming County Xiaoli Aquatic Management Department sales of squid.
    cadmium (in CD) is one of the most common heavy metal contaminants.
    cadmium (in CD terms) in aquatic products may be a rich collection of cadmium elements in the environment during aquaculture.
    of cadmium is mainly chronic accumulation, long-term large-term intake of cadmium content of food may lead to kidney and bone damage.
    There are 2 batches of food there are veterinary drug residue problems, respectively, in Shanghai Putuo District Ganquan Road Street, Xixiang Road, 75 A xinganbei fresh market 149 stalls Liang Xiaohua sales of Yanton Food (Anhui) Co., Ltd. produced children's chickens, furan ketone metabolites detected value for 194.4 μg/kg; The ridge meat produced by Nanchang Shuanghui Food Co., Ltd., sold at Maohai Meat Shop in Baoshan District, Shanghai, has a detection value of 88.1 μg/kg; and sulfonamide (total) has a detection value of 448 sg/kg.
    Nitrofuran drugs (furantazone, furan sterone, furantoin, furansilin) are broad-spectrum antibiotics, which the Ministry of Agriculture has classified as "prohibited drugs and may not be detected in animal foods" because of the health risks of their long-term consumption.
    furan drugs into animals quickly metabolism, metabolites in the tissue for a longer period of time, long-term intake of the human body may cause hemolytic anemia, multiple neuritis, eye damage and acute liver necrosis, and has a certain carcinogenicity.
    is a fluoroquinoquinone drug, because of the broad antibacterial spectrum, strong antibacterial activity, etc. has been widely used in livestock, poultry, aquatic and other bacterial diseases treatment and prevention.
    The Decision to Discontinue the Use of Lomosa, Perfluorosa, Oxyfluorosa, and Nofluorosa in Food Animals (Ministry of Agriculture Proclamation No. 2292) stipulates that the use of oxyfluorosastar (not detectable in animal foods) shall be discontinued in food animals.
    farmers have weak legal awareness, illegal use of banned drugs will lead to the detection of oxyfluorosas in food animals.
    long-term intake of foods that detect oxyfluorosatar can lead to accumulation in the human body, which may lead to drug resistance in the human body.
    Sulfonamide is a synthetic antibacterial spectrum, stable nature, easy to use antibacterial drugs, for most Glomin-positive bacteria and negative bacteria have a strong inhibitory effect, widely used in livestock, poultry, aquatic and other bacterial infection prevention and treatment.
    "Maximum Residual Limits for Veterinary Medicines in Animal Foods" (Ministry of Agriculture Bulletin No. 235) stipulates that the maximum residual limit for sulfonamide in the muscles of all food animals is 100 μg/kg.
    If the farmer overdosed, failure to comply with the provisions of the rest period (the rest period of sulfonamide drugs is generally 28 days) will lead to food animals sulfonamide (total) residues exceed the standard.
    long-term intake of sulfonamide food, will lead to sulfonamide accumulation in the human body, may cause the body's drug resistance.
    In addition, there is a batch of Pudong New Area Chuansha Xinzhen Chuan Ring South Road 401 W17-W18 booth Wu Li sales of soybean sprouts, 4-chlorobenzene sodium oxide (in 4-chlorobenzene acetic acid meter) detected a value of 0.13mg/kg.
    4-Sodium chlorobenzene (4-CPANa), commonly known as anti-fallin, is a commonly used plant growth inhibitor in agricultural production.
    is often used to cultivate rootless soybean sprouts and rootless green bean sprouts, improve the yield and quality of bean sprouts, the resulting bean sprouts fat tender, stout, refreshing.
    The General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of food additives on the supervision of 33 kinds of products such as parabens (Announcement No. 156 of 2011) on 4-chlorobenzene sodium oxide, 6-pyrethroid adenine, and other 33 products of food additives cancellation of production license applications.
    bean sprouts as a very large amount of vegetables, 4-chlorobenzene sodium oxyacetate residue in the human body caused by the accumulation of harmful effects can not be ignored.
    For the non-conforming products found in the above-mentioned sampling, the Shanghai Municipal Market Supervision Administration has requested the relevant regional market supervision and administration to promptly investigate and deal with the unqualified food and its production operators, investigate and deal with them in accordance with the law, further urge enterprises to fulfill their legal obligations, and record the relevant information in the food safety credit file of food producers and operators.
    Non-conforming product information serial number labeled production enterprise name labeled production enterprise address sampled unit name sampled unit name specification food name model trademark production date / batch number non-conforming items║ inspection results║ standard value classification inspection agency 1 Luton Food (Anhui) Co., Ltd. in Xuancheng County, Anhui Province, Xiangshan Town 7 Liang Xiaohua, Ganquan Road, Putuo District, Shanghai, 75 Ganbei Fresh Market, 149 Stalls Child Chicken //2019/04/21 Furantatone Metabolites ║194.4 mg/kg ║ shall not detect edible agricultural products Shanghai Food and Drug Inspection Institute 2 / / Wu Lipung New Area, Sichuan Shaxin Town, Chuanhuan South Road, 401 W17-W18 booth soybean sprouts / / 2019/04/ 234- sodium chlorobenzene oxyacetate (with 4-chlorobenzene acetic acid meter) ║0.13mg/kg║ shall not be detected edible agricultural products Shanghai Food and Drug Inspection Institute 3// Shanghai Box Horse Network Technology Co., Ltd. Jing'an Second Branch, Shanghai Jing'an District Wanrong Road 699 B140, B141 room leather shrimp //2019/04/22 cadmium (in cd) ║1.3mg/kg║≤ 0.5mg/kg edible agricultural products Shanghai Food and Drug Inspection Institute 4// Shanghai Chongming County Xiao Li Ministry of Aquatic Operations, Shanghai Chongming County, 148 Baoying Farmers Market, 148 Baoying Farmers Market stall squid / //2019/04/19 cadmium (in cd) ║2.5mg/kg║≤ 2.0mg/kg Edible Agricultural Products Shanghai Food and Drug Inspection Institute 5 Nanchang Shuanghui Food Co., Ltd. Jiangxi Sanghai Economic and Technological Development Zone Sunshine Avenue 1 Shanghai Baoshan Maohai Meat Shop Shanghai Baoshan Aquatic West Road 938 Runtong Market (B08-09) Ridge meat//2019/05/11 oxyfluorosa star ║88.1 μg/kg║ not detected; sulfonamide (total) ║448 mg/kg║≤100 μg/ kg Edible Agricultural Products Shanghai Food and Drug Inspection Institute (Source: Shanghai Municipal Market Supervision administration) related reports: Shanghai Municipal Market Supervision Administration 2019 No. 34 provincial food safety supervision sampling information this article by the Food Partners Network Food Information Center editing, for the reference of netizens, welcome to reproduce, reprint please indicate the source! If you have any questions,
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