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    Falsification of "malignant tumors" in the development of coatings industry

    • Last Update: 2021-10-12
    • Source: Internet
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    Global Coatings Network News:

    Global Coatings Network News:

    I don't know when, the MadeinChina logo has quietly spread all over the world, and MadeinChina has become a kind of culture and an image.
    However, in recent years, Chinese-made products frequently encounter quality doors in the international market.
    After a series of incidents such as toxic toothpaste, lead-containing toys, and aquatic products containing excessive antibiotics, "Made in China" is facing an unprecedented crisis of trust.

    This should not be the case.
    Anyone who understands Chinese products and China’s national conditions cannot draw such a conclusion.
    Some Western media hype up the quality of Chinese products, obviously with ulterior motives.
    But another fact is that at present, domestic manufacturing fraud is spreading to all walks of life.

    Take the paint industry as an example.
    There are more than 30 first-line paint brands in my country, and more than 8,000 manufacturers.
    In the paint market, there are more "mid-end products" suitable for ordinary consumers.
    With the continuous exposure of fraud news in the coatings industry in recent years, some insiders said: "Fake has become a public hazard in the paint industry.

    Falsification of "malignant tumors" in the development of coatings industry

    Reasons for fraud in the coating industry

    Why has the coating industry been repeatedly prohibited from counterfeiting? Is it related to the low cost and high profit of fraud, or is it related to the consumption environment?

    In the eyes of insiders in the coatings industry, profit-driven violations and low costs are the root causes of coating fraud.
    A few workers in a plant can generate hundreds of thousands or even millions of yuan in income a year.
    Most of the counterfeiters rent residential houses in the urban-rural fringe area, which is not only low in cost, but also the homeowner generally does not sign the house lease contract and fails to register the tenant's valid identity, which provides a certain degree of convenience for the fraud investigation.
    In addition, some bad printers do not require valid qualifications when printing, making it easy for counterfeiters to get packaging that imitates branded products.

    From the point of view of paint products, since the paint is a semi-finished product, it looks very simple to achieve, but the specific quality needs to be cooperated with the construction.
    It is impossible to distinguish the authenticity on the surface.
    Once the barrel is opened, even if the consumer finds it is a fake, it is difficult to verify This is the original product purchased from the merchant instead of the replaced product, and it is difficult to hold the person responsible for the counterfeit sale.
    Global Coatings.
    com learned that even if caught, the cost of illegality is much lower than the profit, causing many people to continue to fake and sell fakes.
    In addition to these people who specialize in counterfeiting, there are also some coating companies who use fakes as real.
    There are tens of thousands of paint manufacturers in China, but most of the paint products do not have a brand.
    In order to achieve the purpose of sales, they only pack the products into famous brands and use fakes as real ones.

    Some people who know and buy fakes have also stimulated the development of counterfeiting in the coatings industry.
    Some guerrillas or foremen who are trying to reduce costs and get the most profit will ask to buy fake paint when buying paint for the owner.
    In the tooling market, some people will ask for cheaper branded goods.

    Some agents may think that the profit given by brand paint companies is low.
    With the increase in rents, labor and other costs, agents who cannot make money may cheat.
    For example, 10 buckets of paint are mixed with a bucket of fake paint to reduce cost.
    These are all directly responsible for the rampant fraud in the industry.

    In addition to counterfeiters directly pretending to be branded products, some counterfeiters deliberately blur the boundaries with branded products, or add words or subtract words to the brand, and confused consumers will buy them home as genuine products.

    The half-knowledge of consumers' knowledge of coatings also provides a living space for counterfeit sellers.
    Many consumers lack the knowledge of coatings.
    Even if they buy branded products, they often do not even understand the basic properties of the branded products, and they are easily fooled by the foreman or the seller.
    The mentality of being cheap is to provide counterfeiters with the greatest living soil.

    Why do paint counterfeiting have been repeated

    In order to protect the interests of enterprises and consumers, various enterprises have done enough work on anti-counterfeiting.
    Some companies have upgraded their anti-counterfeiting labels, added more anti-counterfeiting functions, and added methods for telephone inquiries about authenticity.
    At the same time, the packaging barrels are upgraded and transformed to increase the difficulty of counterfeiters and further strengthen the anti-counterfeiting efforts.

    Enterprises must strictly control dealers.
    The company has strict requirements on which series of products it sells through different channels, and it is stipulated in the contract with the distributor that if the company's trademark rights are infringed or the counterfeit goods are sold, the liquidated damages will be as high as one million yuan.
    There are also many companies that have set up anti-counterfeiting departments, and their staff often conduct inspections around and cooperate with relevant departments to crack down on counterfeit sales.
    Although the effect is not small, but sometimes also very helpless.

    The sale of fakes in the paint industry is very secretive.
    The merchants only put a bucket of fake paint in the store, in order to inform those who want to buy fakes: "I have the goods here.
    " In this case, even if they are caught, the quantity is very high.
    If there are few, the business will hardly receive any punishment.
    Some markets even banned them from entering the market after they were found to be corporate anti-counterfeiting personnel.

    paint counterfeiting has been hit every year, it is still difficult to stop it.
    Nowadays, counterfeiting methods are becoming more and more innovative.
    Counterfeit and inferior coatings are branded as "healthy and environmentally friendly", and their counterfeiting and selling methods are developing in a deeper and more hidden direction .

    Anti-counterfeiting coatings Anti-counterfeiting coatings Anti-counterfeitingcoatings Anti-counterfeiting

    In this regard, industry insiders suggest that anti-counterfeiting efforts should be concentrated to form a combined force to reduce the cost of anti-counterfeiting.
    At the same time, the combination of assault and normal anti-counterfeiting is to crack down on counterfeit dens as well as counterfeit dens and reduce the living space of counterfeit and counterfeit products.
    In areas where conditions permit, resources should be fully integrated, and the geographic advantages of associations and chambers of commerce and non-governmental organizations should be used to precisely strike targets.
    (Source: Global Coatings Network) (For more information, please log in: Global Coatings Network
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