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    Famous Sta Wang Peng: The consumption tax is implemented and the product and market decide whether to adjust the price

    • Last Update: 2021-02-27
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    China Coatings Network
    : March 20, 2015, the 14th China International Gate Exhibition / the second China Integrated Custom Home Exhibition will be held in Beijing (Shunyi) China International Exhibition Center, the new pavilion. The exhibition was praised by the industry as "leading the development of the industry weather indicators and boosters", the same day, HC
    Coatings Network
    walked into the 14th Beijing Wood Gate Exhibition, Beijing Shiquanxing
    Co., Ltd. (Famous Star Paints) General Manager Wang Peng (hereinafter referred to as "Wang General") conducted an interview, the following is a transcript of the interview :
    Star Wang Peng: Consumption tax implementation products and market decisions to adjust prices
    Beijing Shiquanxing Paint Co., Ltd. General Manager Wang Peng
    1. As a representative of the northern furniture paint enterprises, the wooden door exhibition is open on their own doorstep, the company is the first time to participate in the wooden door exhibition, what is the difference before?
    Wang: The famous star paint this year is the fifth year to participate in the wooden door exhibition, a few years down the feeling is relatively deep, the size of the Beijing wooden door exhibition year after year, exhibiting enterprises and viewing more and more people, our company through the wooden door exhibition brand publicity, but also obtained a certain market, Beijing is our company's key market, so the human and material resources invested in this exhibition are relatively large, we will continue to participate in the Beijing wooden door exhibition.
    2. It is understood that the Anhui plant of Mesa has been officially completed recently, when is the plan to put into operation? Since Anhui is located in the south-central part of China, does this mean that The People's Market of the South is going to enter the south? What is the layout of Mesa in the Chinese market now?
    Wang: The Anhui plant is scheduled to start production in May 16, at present, we have a certain market share in East and Central China, but relative to the northern market is still weak, mainly due to the north-south climate differences, long distance, high logistics costs And so, so we started a few years ago to demonstrate to build a factory in the south, now MaAnshan factory is our base for the southern market, the next few years of work focused on east, southwest and south China markets, but also means that our famous paint gradually from the north to the south, to do a national brand.
    3. Wood door products are relatively simple in form, single style, such products have all used water-based paint?
    wang Peng: Should not, as far as we know, now our customers are trying, relatively speaking, Beijing's environmental protection requirements are strict, so we are still trying, but my impression is not completely water-changing, first of all, cost, second of all, physical effect, and oilman use habits, so I think wood door products use water-based paint also a process. But according to the direction of national policy, everyone is trying to use water-based paint products, just do not know when it will be implemented.
    4. Woodgate industry is a segment, is this segment expanding?
    Wang: The wooden door industry actually began to subdivide ten years ago, before is with the furniture together, now the category of wooden door has been divided into many, such as flat door, modeling door, villa door, custom door, European-style, Chinese-style, I think the later breakdown of wooden door should not be expanded.
    the rise of custom wooden doors will promote the development of custom coatings? In the direction of fashion trend development, has the famous Sta has formed a system to make the coating color more attractive to customers?
    Wang: The rise of custom doors is mainly reflected in the style style, there are different buildings on the use, so I think custom wooden doors on custom paint color, environmental protection and other aspects may be required, but in terms of coating will not have much impact. The positioning of the famous Sta is "color paint", so
    product color will be relatively rich, this is the market pursuit of the company for more than a decade, but also our brand positioning, in fact, also achieved results, in the wood door coating, we also have their own considerations, as far as possible to meet the requirements of customers in color customization, the real realization of coating personalization.
    6. The development of paint-free
    has a
    impact on the development of chinese paint enterprises, the impact of the wood door industry?
    wang Peng: I don't think the impact received will be too big, because the wooden doors are solid wood or part of the solid wood, the grade is higher than the paint-free door, these are two sub-areas, there may be some impact, but I think the application of wooden doors is more extensive.
    7. Coating integration will be closely linked between wood door enterprises and paint enterprises, this common forward and backward cooperation has encountered any difficulties?
    Wang: how much will encounter some difficulties, sometimes customers will give advice to enterprises to change the method of wood door coating, but manufacturers may not be able to complete because of insufficient equipment, staff distribution and other objective factors, the solution of this problem also needs a certain process.
    8. Regarding the consumption tax, compared with water-related paint products, the company's sales volume of oily paint is larger, for this reason, the company will raise the factory price of related products?
    Wang: Paint collection consumption tax news came relatively suddenly, so in the product price adjustment issue we are still considering, after all, 4% of the collection point is relatively large, the first will consider their own costs, the second consideration of the paint market and the entire paint industry, and then decide whether to adjust prices. However, I think the imposition of paint consumption tax on paint enterprise customers is relatively large, they may not be able to withstand such a force.
    . What do you think is the direction of the wood door industry coating?
    Wang: I think the wood door industry coating development direction has two, one is standardization, such as for flat door
    UV paint
    , water-based paint, the second is personalized, which manufacturers and oil workers are very demanding.
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