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    Filtration and sterilization operations.

    • Last Update: 2020-10-17
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    recently to do some
    -base, there are some sugars need
    sterilization, but do not know how to operate, what additional equipment is needed?
    you only have filter film and matching filters on it, generally in the
    ultra-clean work
    on. Filter film with 0.22 microns or 0.45 microns two specifications, refers to the membrane aperture size. Generally 0.22 is enough!
    if the amount of solution is relatively large, more than 500 ml, you can use a sterilized filter bottle, pre-padd 0.22um filter film. Before sterilization of the filter bottle to check the seal with gauze or cotton blocked, when used, do not need to be carried out in the sterile room, as long as the collection bottle to ensure sterile status can be. After filtration, the filtered solution is poured into the sterilized empty reagent
    sterile conditions.
    if filtered with a small amount of solution, a disposable syringe and a disposable 0.22um membrane (millipore or pall are sold) in the sterile room.
    look at the amount of filtration, if the amount is small, with syringe filter, 0.22 micron membrane filtration, filter plus filter film back cover tight, slightly loose, lunch box seal 100 degrees distilled water boiling 30 minutes sterilization, used to undertake sterile sugar water bottle needs high pressure. Time to operate on the sterile operator's station, and first tighten the filter, pay attention to the filter outflow of even a drop will cause bacteria infection; The 0.45 micron membrane is generally used for the first of two filtrations to prevent 0.22 blockages. Syringes, better if high pressure.
    if the amount is large, positive pressure can be used peristaltic pump to connect the stainless steel filter large sheet filter film, these are to be high pressure. Negative pressure can be filtered.
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