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    Finland's 6th Long Bridge 2430 tons of steel structure is maintained with Industrial Paints of Digurilla.

    • Last Update: 2020-10-17
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    As Finland's sixth longest bridge, it is located on Highway 9 from Joensuu to Kuopoo.
    construction will begin in October 2016 and the new bridge will open in late August 2018.
    at the Ylivieska plant, Ruukki Construction Systems provided and installed 2,430 tons of carrying steel structures, and the pre-painting work was completed by Midroc Alucrom.
    the project has a total surface area of 18,000 square meters and uses 15,000 liters of paint, which is sprayed with steel beams by Midroc Alucrom at the Ylivieska plant, including Tikkurila Temazinc, Temacoat GPL-S MIO and Temadur/Tthemaane.
    " DiGurilla paint is familiar to us.
    the work went very smoothly, all the steel beams were painted in time and delivered to the scene smoothly.
    final surface treatment was completed on site in the summer of 2018.
    ," said Pauli Marjoniemi, FROSIO III inspector at Midroc Alucrom Oy.
    Bridge situation: a total length of 577 meters, a width of 15 meters each steel section length of 20-30 meters, the longest span of 120 meters highest point 25 meters above sea level 2430 tons of steel structure using a total of 15,000 liters of paint for heavy steel structure tough coating "a bridge design can last 100 years.
    , director of Ruukki's operations at the company, said the requirements for coatings were also high and it was expected to last for decades before any maintenance was carried out.
    in addition to durability, coatings must provide optimal protection against adverse weather, wind, precipitation and moisture that can cause corrosion.
    if repairs are required, in most cases they are related to coatings.
    ", it is important to try and test the product.
    believe in durable products, not only because they reduce maintenance, but also because they look good when painted, " Heikki Wilen continued.
    " once completed, the Jannervirta Bridge will be an impressive landmark that can accommodate thousands of vehicles a day.
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