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    "First" mining of high-consumption belts in Shandong Province, with the highest drop of 95.6%

    • Last Update: 2021-07-22
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    Medical Network, February 26th

    Shandong Province announced the
    results of the centralized procurement
    in 2020, with the largest decrease of 95.
    On February 23, the Shandong Provincial Public Resources Trading Center issued the "Announcement on the Results of the 2020 Shandong Province High-value Medical Consumables Centralized Procurement Selection Results" Notice
    This is the first time that Shandong Province has carried out the province's centralized procurement of high-value medical consumables.
    The procurement varieties include 5 types of consumables such as coronary interventional rapid exchange balloons, initial replacement artificial hip joints, and cardiac pacemakers (dual-chamber)

    The average drop of this time is 82.
    59%, the largest drop is 95.
    6%, the average drop of domestic products is 84.
    35%, and the average drop of imported products is 78.

    The product with the largest price reduction was a first-time replacement artificial hip joint, which dropped from RMB 92,418 to RMB 4133.


      Among them, the decline of the five types of consumables and the companies to be selected are as follows: the
    average decline of coronary interventional rapid exchange balloons is 91.
    83%, and the selected equipment companies include Medtronic, Poco, Terumo, etc.
    ; the average decline of the first artificial hip replacement is 86.
    26%, and the selected Mechanical equipment companies include Johnson & Johnson, Xeroxhui, Zimmer, Weigao, Chun Li Zhengda, etc.
    ; absorbable dural (spine) membrane patch has an average decrease of 83.
    The selected mechanical companies include Guangzhou Maipu Regenerative Medicine, Yantai Zhenghai, and Beijing Bairen Pacemakers (dual-chamber) have an average decrease of 51.
    86%, and the selected equipment companies include Abbott, Poco, Lepu, etc.
    ; the average decrease of disposable trocars is 86.
    74%, and the selected equipment companies include Kangji Medical and United Minimally Invasive medical, health care and other human Henan camel

    Statistics show that the province's annual sales scale of the above five types of consumables is nearly 1.
    388 billion yuan

    It is understood that this is the largest type and scale of one-time procurement among the provincial centralized procurement in the country

    Obviously, the selected
    companyWill get a sharp increase in sales, and the unselected companies will be forced to fight in the remaining small market share

      Centralized procurement of high-value consumables is frequent, and many provinces accelerate the promotion.

    On January 29, at the State Council’s policy briefing, Chen Jinfu, deputy director of the National Medical Security Administration, announced the next step in the procurement of medical consumables

    Chen Jinfu said that the procurement of medical consumables is the area for the next round of reforms

    In the future, we will still choose mature products, competitive products, and products with quality control, adopt a one-product-one-strategy approach, optimize campaign rules, and gradually expand in the field of medical consumables

    Under the principle that all sources should be collected, the pace of expansion and expansion of the procurement of medical consumables is also accelerating, and many provinces are accelerating the progress of centralized procurement

    On February 8, Sichuan, Gansu, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Liaoning, Jilin, Heilongjiang, Tibet and other "six provinces and two regions" inter-provincial alliances selected the results of the centralized procurement of coronary artery balloon balloons, and the average price dropped from 3248 yuan.
    To 327 yuan, an average drop of 89.

    On February 3, the Guangdong Medical Insurance Bureau issued the "Notice on Doing a Good Job in Procurement and Use of Medical Consumables for Coronary Artery Balloon Dilatation Catheters and Medical Consumables Related to New Coronavirus Nucleic Acid Testing in Our Province", Coronary Balloon Dilatation Catheters Waiting for the procurement of medical consumables to officially land

    The average selected price of the inflatable balloon was 265 yuan/piece, an average drop of more than 92%.
    Compared with the lowest bid price of 125 yuan, the price dropped more than 96%

    The procurement of medical consumables with volume is inevitable.
    Provincial centralized procurement and the centralized procurement rules and procurement processes of various alliances are becoming more and more mature.
    Together with the support of national policies, cross-provincial and cross-regional centralized procurement will become the norm


      Centralized procurement is normalized, and the industry is facing restructuring
    Centralized procurement is only just beginning, and the trend of
    centralized procurement in the future will inevitably accelerate in the field of medical equipment

    Under the normalization of centralized procurement, the price of consumables will continue to be squeezed, which will inevitably bring earth-shaking changes to the industry

    For medical device manufacturers, innovation is the top priority for future breakthroughs

    Prior to the national procurement of coronary stents, the price has dropped sharply, and even the selected companies cannot guarantee their profits only through the national procurement market

    In the future, strengthening technological innovation and seizing the non-standard market is the key to a company's breakthrough

    Taking Lepu Medical as an example, it focuses on the development of "interventional non-implantation" products, forming a product combination of "cutting balloon + drug balloon and cutting balloon + bioabsorbable stent (NeoVas)".
    New technologies and new products will be available in the future.
    It is expected to usher in an accelerated increase in volume, thereby alleviating the pressure brought by the large price cuts of centralized procurement products

    For the medical device circulation field, the pattern will also face a reshuffle

    After the normalization of centralized procurement, small and medium-sized dealers may “exit”

    At present, the health commissions or
    hospitals in Henan, Jiangsu, Shandong and many other places have put forward high requirements on the annual sales, storage area, and registered capital of circulation companies, and small and medium dealers have been turned away
    Large-scale circulation companies with strong market coverage and logistics and distribution capabilities will occupy more market shares

    Take Jointown, one of the three largest
    pharmaceutical commercial distribution companies in the country, as an example.
    Jointown currently has invested in 135 pharmaceutical logistics distribution centers across the country (31 provincial-level pharmaceutical logistics centers, 104 prefecture-level distribution logistics centers).
    , Has the advantages of a unified national logistics warehousing system and supply chain system

    The recent 2020 performance forecast of Jointown Express indicates that the
    medical device segment's revenue has achieved rapid growth (a year-on-year increase of 34.
    89%), and is expected to maintain a rapid growth momentum and drive the company's gross profit margin to continue to improve

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