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    Five departments issued documents to accelerate industrial production and carry out large-scale application of virtual reality

    • Last Update: 2023-01-04
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    【Chemical Machinery and Equipment Network Policies and Regulations】 Focus on key vertical industries, promote the deep integration of virtual reality and industrial Internet, support the application and promotion of virtual reality technology in key links of the whole life cycle of products such as design, manufacturing, operation and maintenance, and training, strengthen compatibility with digital twins and data, and promote the integration and intelligence
    of the whole process of industrial production.

    Support industrial enterprises and parks to use virtual reality technology to optimize production management, energy conservation and emission reduction, and achieve quality improvement, efficiency and cost
    Develop a virtual reality open service platform that supports multi-person collaboration and simulation, open up product design and manufacturing, build a new remote operation and maintenance solution that integrates virtual and real reality, create a new model of employee skills training adapted to various advanced manufacturing technologies, and accelerate the digital and intelligent transformation
    of industrial enterprises.

    Virtual reality (including augmented reality and mixed reality) is an important frontier direction of a new generation of information technology, and is a major forward-looking field of digital economy, which will profoundly change human production and lifestyle
    After years of development, the virtual reality industry has initially built an ecosystem based on technological innovation and is entering a strategic window period
    with product upgrading and integrated application as the main line.

    China attaches great importance to the development of
    virtual reality industry.
    The Outline of the 14th Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development of the People's Republic of China and the Long-Range Goals for 2035 lists "virtual reality and augmented reality" as a key industry in the digital economy, and proposes to drive the reform of production mode, lifestyle and governance mode with digital transformation as a whole, give birth to new industries, new formats and new models, and strengthen new engines
    of economic development.

    Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the State Administration of Radio and Television, the State General Administration of Sports, and other five departments jointly issued the Action Plan for the Integrated Development of Virtual Reality and Industry Applications (2022-2026) (MIIT Lian Electronics [2022] No.
    148, hereinafter referred to as the "Action Plan"

    The Action Plan sets out development goals
    for the period up to 2026.
    By 2026, the key technologies of three-dimensional, virtual and real integration immersive audio and video will be breakthroughs, a new generation of humanized virtual reality terminal products will be continuously enriched, the industrial ecology will be further improved, virtual reality will achieve large-scale application in important economic and social industries, form a number of backbone enterprises and industrial clusters with strong international competitiveness, and create an industrial development pattern
    of common prosperity of technology, products, services and applications.

    The Action Plan sets out five key tasks

    Task 1: Promote the integration and innovation
    of key technologies.
    Improve the endogenous and enabling capabilities of "virtual reality +", accelerate technological breakthroughs in key segments such as near-eye display, rendering processing, perceptual interaction, network transmission, content production, compression coding, security and trustworthiness, and strengthen the deep integration
    with 5G, artificial intelligence and other new generation information technologies.

    Task 2: Improve the supply capacity
    of the whole industry chain.
    Facing the demand positioning of mass consumption and industry fields, comprehensively improve the industrialization supply capacity
    of key virtual reality devices, terminal peripherals, business operation platforms, content production tools, and special information infrastructure.
    Improve the comfort, ease of use and security
    of end products.

    Task 3: Accelerate the implementation of
    multi-industry and multi-scenario applications.
    Facing the development goal of large-scale and characteristic integrated applications, deepen the organic integration
    of virtual reality and the industry in the fields of industrial production, cultural tourism, integrated media, education and training, sports and health, business creativity, performing arts and entertainment, safety emergency, disability assistance, and smart city.

    Task 4: Strengthen the construction of
    industrial public service platforms.
    Facing the common needs of the industry, relying on the superior resources of the industry, focus on building a common application technology support platform, an immersive content integrated development platform, and an integrated application incubation and cultivation platform, and continue to optimize the support environment
    for the development of the virtual reality industry.

    Task 5: Build a standard system
    for integrated applications.
    Strengthen the top-level design of standards and build a comprehensive virtual reality standard system
    covering the entire industry chain.
    Accelerate the formulation and promotion of key standards such as health comfort and content production processes, and promote research on virtual reality application standards

    The Action Plan proposes three special projects
    First, the key technology integration and innovation project
    The specific development directions
    of near-eye display technology, rendering processing technology, perceptual interaction technology, network transmission technology, content production technology, compression coding technology, and security and trusted technology are proposed.
    The second is the supply improvement project
    of the whole industrial chain.
    The specific development direction
    of key devices, terminal peripherals, business operation platforms, content production tools, and dedicated information infrastructure is proposed.
    The third is the multi-scenario application integration and promotion project
    Select industry fields with large-scale and high maturity potential (including VR/AR industrial empowerment, VR/AR immersive tourism experience, VR/AR public fitness, VR/AR online broadcasting, VR/AR smart business district) for priority layout
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