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    Five grain liquid cleaning VVV, Oriental Jiaozi, five grain PTVIP, 1918 and other 4 brands 22 products

    • Last Update: 2020-06-20
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    clean up the brand, with Wanda cooperation, five grain liquid action to Maotaiin addition to combing products, Wuliang is also strengthening cooperation with the advantages of channelsWuliang's recent act of shaping the brand image is a bit fiercerecently, Wuliang issued "on cleaning up the shelves and stop selling "VVV" "Oriental Jiaozi" series of wine brands notice, to stop cooperation, require operators, stores to stop selling "VVV", "Five GrainPT VIP", "Oriental Jiaozi" and "Yuyu 1918" and other 4 brands of 22 products, and the results of the clean-up work as a service operator, store management contentthe series of alcohol sold, is the five grain liquid previously for the expansion of the enterprise to expand the scale of the productCompared with the core products, the low price of such products is a means to increase revenue during the period of flat liquor developmentHowever, with the recovery of the liquor market, these low-end products on the brand image of Wuliang has adversely affectedFrom the bottle body packaging, the series of wine in the shape and five grain liquid 52 degrees pu 5 very similarleft for five grain liquid 52 degrees pu five, right for the series of winethis is the head liquor enterprises to reshape the brand image of the usual way, Maotai has also done a lot of cleaning brand actionIn 2017, Maotai cut 155 sub-brands and 1983 products in six monthsIn 2018, Maotai offered to clean up 51 underperforming subsidiaries by the end of the yearEntering 2019, the clean-up operation has been further upgraded, and Maotai has completely stopped customizing, labeling and unapproved productsat present, five grain liquid in the product to take the "1 plus 3" and "4 plus 4" strategy, "1 plus 3" refers to the strengthening of the new five grain liquid classic single-product status, while extending to high-end grain liquid, young low-grade version of five grain liquid and international version of the five grain liquid three series"4 plus 4" refers to the key development of five grain spring, five grain alcohol, five grain head special song, tsimzhuang 4 national large single products, as well as five grain people, 100 family banquets, friends wine, hot 4 regional single productscombing products, Wuliang is also strengthening cooperation with the advantages of channels on the eve of the Qingming Festival , Wanda and Wuliang exchanged views on cooperation in the construction of wine culture base, film and television creation, medical health and Wanda Plaza marketing network construction, and reached a strategic consensus Sources said that Wanda will also cooperate with Wuliang, in the country's Wanda Square to open a five-grain liquid image shop but according to the Beijing Business Daily, Wuliang said that the current two sides have the intention of cooperation, but how to eventually form a system has not yet had a result, nor mentioned the rumored opening of an image store in Wanda such specific measures if the two sides finally reach edgdown as rumored, it will be a big step in the construction of the five grain liquid channels Wanda's official website shows that it has now built 283 Wanda Plazas across the country, covering most of the first- to fourth-tier cities In 2019, Wanda is also expected to carry out nearly 45 commercial projects (including Wanda Plaza, Wanda Tourist Town, Wanda Mau) and not only the wine industry cooperation, Wuliang and Wanda companies are in a number of industries have layout, do not rule out the possibility of cooperation in other business in recent years, Wuliang has been strengthening the terminal channel construction In 2017, it put forward a plan for thousands of stores in the city, relying on stores, flagship stores and social channels, in hundreds of large and medium-sized cities, thousands of key counties to build tens of thousands of core sales terminals This is the key role of the five grain liquid marketing innovation strategy, is still in progress During this year's spring sugar period, Wuliang also participated in the 1919 "Thousand Sinast" plan - 1919 with Tmall, Taobao, Retail, Rookie and other Alibaba line, plans to build 100,000 retail terminals in the next five years however, in June 2018, Wanda Group Chairman Wang Jianlin also went to Maotai Group to hold talks with Li Baofang, Chairman and General Manager of Maotai Group, to discuss cooperation, including the creation of wanda plaza brand new Maotai brand flagship store However, there is currently no cooperation
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