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    Flower Wang water paint debuted in the 2015 Beijing Wood Gate Exhibition oversized pavilion popular explosion shed

    • Last Update: 2021-02-27
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    China Paint Network
    News: March 20, the 14th China International Gate Exhibition in Beijing International Exhibition Center opened the curtain, China's wooden door paint leading brand - Flower Wang water paint with many products amazing debut, no wonderful performance, no beautiful models, Flower Wang water paint with a consistent good reputation, good quality to attract and retain the audience.
    Hua Wang water paint exhibition hot scene
    Flower Wang water paint exhibition hot scene
    flower wang water paint selected 336 square of ultra-large area booth, ranked first in the
    category of enterprises. On-site display of wooden doors, wardrobes, queen bed, bedside table, dresser and other types of solid wood furniture, including wood categories including European and American real antique, white paint open, varnish open, solid color closed and other series of coating effects. Lin's full range of products attracted many exhibitors to visit and negotiate, the scene of the mountains and mountains of people, popular sheds!
    Hua Wang water paint a variety of coating series
    flower king water paint coating effect
    flower king water paint
    water-like wood paint
    the scene of the flower king water-like
    wood paint
    not only environmental protection, safety, and has the construction convenience, easy cleaning, dry film yellowing and other advantages, has become a major highlight of the exhibition hall! Flower King water-like wood paint in environmental performance to achieve a revolutionary breakthrough, painted water-like bedroom home series outstanding results, won the exhibitors' praise.
    Hua Wang
    Coatings Company
    in China's paint market has gone through 18 years, its research and development products have accumulated more than a thousand, the environmental performance of products refresh one height after another. "Continuously improve product quality, to provide customers with quality services" is the flower king has been the same purpose. Hua Wang water paint innovation will never stop, the future Hua Wang will further increase research and development efforts, research and development of more products to meet customer needs!
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