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    Flowers symbolizing and representing happiness

    • Last Update: 2020-04-03
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    People always use flowers to represent the habits of friendship, love and blessing

    Ancient Turkish culture also developed a language based on flowers and gave each flower a different meaning

    The language, called "florigraphy," became popular in the Victorian era, when loud expression of emotions was taboo

    The result of this tradition is that there are still many flowers associated with emotions or characteristics such as love, loyalty and luck

    And some flowers symbolize happiness, so they are ideal gifts for others

    Dandelion Dandelion symbolizes happiness, as well as love, desire, loyalty and compassion

    This small yellow flower with bright color grows freely in the field or lawn, and is often regarded as a weed

    Dandelion originated from Europe and Asia, its rhizome has some medicinal value

    Besides symbolizing happiness, Holly also represents defense and prediction

    Holly was once used in the Middle Ages to ward off light and to symbolize the crucifixion of Jesus (bramble leaves and berries stand for blood dripping)

    The Romans decorated the winter with it, and in the Middle Ages it was used by monks to ward off evil spirits

    Nowadays, Holly is most often associated with Christmas

    Lily of the valley with bright green leaves and white bell shaped flowers represents happiness, or more precisely, happy return

    This poisonous flower also symbolizes sweetness and competition

    Rose rose symbolizes various emotions and features based on different colors

    Pink roses represent happiness and honesty

    The white rose symbolizes safety and happiness

    Yellow rose represents happiness, friendship, freedom and care

    This is a white trumpet shaped flower with a strong fragrance

    It is often used in weddings and represents marital happiness

    Violet violet represents opportunity for happiness

    It also symbolizes reserve, virtue, kinship, loyalty and love

    Because the flower is edible, it is often used to decorate salads and meals.
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