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    Home > Medical News > Latest Medical News > Focus on epidemic prevention and control - How can full nucleic acid testing in cities with a population of 10 million be completed in 5 days? - Qingdao full nucleic acid detection and observation.

    Focus on epidemic prevention and control - How can full nucleic acid testing in cities with a population of 10 million be completed in 5 days? - Qingdao full nucleic acid detection and observation.

    • Last Update: 2020-10-17
    • Source: Internet
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    As a large city with a population of 10 million, Qingdao City decisively launched full nucleic acid testing, resolutely defending the domestic hard-won results of epidemic prevention and control.
    as of 8 p.m. on the 15th, Qingdao City completed more than 9.94 million nucleic acid test samples, has resulted in more than 7.64 million, no new positive samples.
    can a nucleic acid test of this scale be completed in as little as 5 days? Brother city and Qingdao war "epidemic" "163 detection points in the southern part of the city, 5:30-23:00 detection" "130 detection points in the northern part of the city, are in these places" ... Since the 12th, Qingdao various districts and cities have been published and constantly updated the district detection points and detection time and other information.
    weChat public number launched "Pro, have you completed the nucleic acid test?" "And so on, launch a broad community mobilization.
    In Qingdao Liyuan District Shiyuan Street Bijia upper-class community Baiguoshan Tourist Service Center Square, more than 100 residents in front of the tent at the test site lined up, 10 people filled out a form, each batch into 10 people;
    children, open your mouth, don't be afraid.
    " in Qingdao under the jurisdiction of the city of 3lihe Street water bank residence community testing point, 42-year-old medical staff Su Miao is squatting for a child to collect swallow swabs, she said: "Children are more afraid, so to comfort, while focusing on accurate sampling, and strive for a success."
    " in order to ensure the completion of full nucleic acid testing within 5 days, to achieve early detection, early disposal, many detection points from early morning to late at night.
    12, Su Miao was busy from 14:00 until after 23:00.
    "They're sultry in protective clothing, sweating on the soles of their feet."
    ," said Yuan Ping, head of the testing point.
    Qingdao full nucleic acid testing, rapid action of counterpart collaboration - Qingdao Municipal Government Office Deputy Director Chen Wansheng introduced, Shandong Province to coordinate arrangements Zibo, Yantai, Weifang, Weihai, Lizhao 5 cities and Qingdao 5 districts to carry out counterpart collaboration, receiving nucleic acid Samples were tested, 7 additional nucleic acid testing teams of 210 people were sent to support Qingdao with 28 sets of nucleic acid testing equipment and 56,000 reagents, and more than 1,000 nucleic acid sampling teams were organized from other cities in Shandong Province to support sample collection.
    In the East-West poverty alleviation cooperation with Qingdao City Yang District counterparts in Gannan City, Gansu Province, ChengXian County, 13 sent a medical team of 50 medical personnel to support, arrived in Qingdao 2 hours later, that is, into the community nucleic acid test sampling.
    field support staff plus local medical personnel, in Qingdao to carry out full nucleic acid sampling and testing of tens of thousands of medical personnel.
    from "people to people" to "one meter line" nucleic acid detection just started, some of the detection points appeared crowded phenomenon.
    this, Qingdao further enrich the detection force, scientific layout of detection points, strengthen the maintenance of order on the spot.
    with the detection force supplement, testing sites continue to increase, the city currently has more than 4000 fixed detection points.
    a metre line on the ground at some of the detection points, allowing residents to line up at regular intervals.
    , the five districts in Qingdao's main urban area arranged more than 20,000 volunteers to carry out information registration, order maintenance and other work at the sampling site.
    are mainly composed of civilian police, cadres and spontaneous masses.
    evening of The 13th, in Qingdao City, Liyuan District Fushan Road Fulinyuan community, due to the square high-light conditions are limited, veteran Zheng Song holding a flashlight for the registration staff for nearly 6 hours.
    " suddenly started full nucleic acid testing, there must be a lot of unexpected difficulties, but we all hand in hand is not difficult.
    ," he said.
    from sitting down, removing the mask, to opening the mouth to complete the pharynx swab collection, the process usually takes less than a minute.
    time-consuming part of the information registration process.
    to improve efficiency, Yunnan Road community in the southern part of the city will manually register citizen information into two-dimensional code scanning, greatly reducing the queue time.
    as of 24 hours on the 14th, Qingdao City, south, north and other 5 districts of the full nucleic acid testing was basically completed, the results are negative.
    this marks the main urban area of the full nucleic acid detection into the final stage.
    to some residents with reduced mobility and unable to reach the collection point, Qingdao City has arranged a special door-to-door sampling service.
    group of inspectors from fixed detection points to mobile detection points, from Zibo to support the medical staff Du Xiaofeng is one of them.
    "My father is 81 years old, very difficult to move, door-to-door sampling really helped a lot.
    ," said Lin Zhenmao, the son of an elderly man on Liaoyuan Road in the northern district of Qingdao.
    technology enabled large-scale nucleic acid testing Qingdao City in this full nucleic acid testing using "10 in 1 mixed testing technology", that is, 10 people's samples mixed together, only once.
    if a 10-in-1 sample is positive, we will first notify the 10 individuals to immediately isolate them individually and individually test the 10 individually to determine the carrier of the positive sample,"
    ," said Zhang Huaqiang, deputy director of the Qingdao CDC.
    According to the introduction, "10-in-1 mixed testing technology" is in Dalian to combat the epidemic in the actual development, greatly improve the detection efficiency, in the emergency response to non-key areas of multi-screening, early diagnosis, as soon as possible to restore production and living order play an important role.
    improving the collection efficiency, Qingdao focuses on improving the sample detection capability and efficiency.
    14, Qingdao Huada "Fire Eye" laboratory upgrade and expansion completed, the addition of 27 automated nucleic acid extractors and 61 nucleic acid detection core equipment, design day detection volume from 2000 tubes per day to 40,000 tubes per day, the total volume increased 20 times.
    as the core force of Qingdao's industrial Internet platform, Helkaos quickly connected with the district and city epidemic prevention material support group to meet the demand for materials, timely solve a city 100,000 sets of virus sampling tube and pharynx swab shortage and other issues.
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