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    Focus on oral Helicobacter pylori, helicosis toothpaste once again lead the wave of oral antibacterial!

    • Last Update: 2020-08-01
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    In fact, this is not the first time that the toothpaste caused such a big industry shock, as the oral Helicobacter pylori industry leader, as early as four years ago at the beginning of the market, it has won the recognition of a number of industry experts.
    in recent years, The Huite not only solved the problems of numerous patients suffering from Helicobacter pylori, but also became the country's major chain pharmacies hot products, by a number of A-level hospital digestive department, oral surgeons recommended, to participate in the helicobacter pylori treatment of the combination of drugs.
    to ensure a one-time cure, quiet toothpaste re-write Helicobacter pylori treatment new program! According to China's population of 1.4 billion, about 800 million people have been infected with Helicobacter pylori, equivalent to at least one of 2 people infected, a terrible number.
    the proportion of adults infected with the bacteria before the age of 50 as high as 80%, for children, mostly before the age of 10 years of infection, after infection can not heal themselves, the current international universal quadration therapy, that is, proton pump inhibitors, antisomes and two antimicrobial drugs, side effects, and the root rate has been repeatedly reduced, so that patients often suffer. How can
    improve the cure rate? Becoming a major problem in the field of medicine.
    over the past few years, including Professor Hu Fulian, Professor Cheng Hong, including a number of digestive experts, through the experimental results and many years of clinical experience clearly pointed out that oral Helicobacter pylori is the main cause of repeated failure or recurrence of Helicobacter pylori eradication! It is in this environment that the crystal toothpaste comes into being.
    Is by oral experts, gastroenterology experts, Helicobacter pylori researchers after several years of research and development, jointly launched, exclusive development of biological formula, is a specifically for oral Helicobacter pylori biological toothpaste.
    its containing Helicobacter pylori removal factor, oral mucosal repair factor, oral bacteria building factors, three active factors to act together, from destroying the plaque, to rob its survival necessary iron ions, to break down its cell wall, front straight to the oral Helicobacter pylori, while reshaping the healthy oral environment, to help cut off the "bacteria from the mouth into" the path, with the stomach medicine, to ensure a single root of Helicobacter tumcob.
    pre-relapse, the crystal toothpaste bio-sterilizing safety no "Claus", covering to solve a variety of oral problems! Normal healthy people every gram of tartar can find 10 billion bacteria, the mouth unique micro-ecological environment, very conducive to the growth of anaerobic bacteria, but also become including Pycoccal bacteria, including the ideal breeding place for many harmful bacteria, teeth on the tooth plaque has become their safe haven.
    this is also the root cause of repeated relapses after the successful eradication of Helicobacter pylori in many patients.
    and the crystal toothpaste is not only a joint drug "good helper", but also daily oral inhibition, eradication to prevent recurrence of the oral "little guard."
    the unique 3LC bioactive formula of the toothpaste, natural bio-extract, no pharmaceutical ingredients, safe without side effects.
    its core patent lactoferrin, lysozyme and other four components have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and other effects, and cooperate with each other.
    the active ingredients such as biolysozymes, deep-sea shelltose and so on can quickly dissolve plaques, plus active ingredients such as lactoferrin have a good adsorption effect on the iron ions necessary for its survival, so that harmful bacteria in the mouth no longer have the possibility of survival.
    at the same time, the toothpaste can also proliferate oral beneficial bacteria, balance oral flora, daily long-term use, not only anti-bacterial, anti-bacterial, to solve bad breath, mouth ulcers and other oral problems are also of great help.
    focus on the field of helicobacter pylori prevention and control, after 8 years of painstaking research and continuous demonstration, overturning, and then argument, the final launch of this Helicobacter pylori susceptible to the use of toothpaste - helisay toothpaste, listed for four years, with excellent efficacy and innovation breakthrough achievements, widely recognized and praised by the market, and won the national invention patent.
    is understood that "let the people completely away from helicobacter pylori" is the brand vision of the quiet.
    the author believes that with the rise of domestic brands, the quiet will go further and do better.
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