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    Foot and mouth disease may break out in the United States

    • Last Update: 2001-11-05
    • Source: Internet
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    Introduction: Washington news, about 75 officials from major U.S government departments gathered in Washington to discuss how to deal with the foot-and-mouth disease that is likely to break out in the United States Officials from the U.S Department of agriculture, the federal emergency measures Commission, the army's germ warfare office, the U.S Coast Guard and the Central Intelligence Agency attended the meeting Bruce Bauman, an official of the federal committee on emergency measures, pointed out that to treat foot-and-mouth disease as a natural disaster, states should take the main responsibility and provide federal support when necessary The plan drawn up at the meeting aims to call for national vigilance against foot-and-mouth disease as if it were going to face a natural disaster An official said at the meeting that the possibility of FMD outbreak in the United States is very high Kevin herglotz, spokesman for the U.S Department of agriculture, said the meeting was a standard preparatory meeting and that the U.S Department of agriculture did not believe that foot-and-mouth disease was inevitable in the United States "I've been in the military for 10 years, and we conduct military exercises every month, which doesn't mean that the threat of war is imminent," he added "Although foot-and-mouth disease affects pigs, cattle and other cloven hoofed animals, it is generally harmless to the human body The United States has not had foot-and-mouth disease since 1929 In the UK, the foot-and-mouth epidemic, which began in February, is spreading rapidly FMD has also been found in Holland, France, Saudi Arabia, Argentina, South Korea and other countries and regions
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