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    For OGTT test, should 75g or 82.5g of glucose be used?

    • Last Update: 2022-01-09
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    *Only for medical professionals to read for reference.
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    As an endocrinologist, facing diabetic patients with different conditions all the year round, Director Jin Yu asked questions during ward rounds.
    Can you answer these questions?
    1 For OGTT test, should 75g or 82.
    5g of glucose be used?
    Glucose tolerance test (OGTT) is a very commonly used test item in the endocrinology department.
    As for the operation procedure, every doctor can be said to be familiar with the road


    Director Jin Yu asked the question: Do the OGTT test, should 75g or 82.
    5g of glucose be used?
    Me: The OGTT guide says 75g, right.
    Director: Go back and take a good look at the guide


    2 For patients with diabetes and hypertension, how much is the best blood pressure to drop? Diabetes and hypertension are the most common underlying diseases, and the number of people with diabetes and hypertension cannot be underestimated

    Questions often asked by directors in ward rounds: For patients with diabetes and hypertension, how much is the best blood pressure to drop? Someone answered 130mmHg, someone answered 140mmHg? Confused me.
    3 How should the dose of insulin be calculated?
    How to adjust? Today, following the director's rounds, a 60-year-old female with type 2 diabetes had an oral hypoglycemic agent whose blood sugar control was not up to standard


    The director said: How much insulin do you have to use for her? Hurry! Doctor Xiaobai asked for a guide online, how to calculate the dosage of insulin and how to adjust it? Are these scenes a bit familiar? In those years when the director was speechless when asked, the scene was once embarrassed.
    Don't panic!
    Get rid of the dilemma of ward rounds and easily respond to the director's questions.
    The webmaster will summarize the problems that are often encountered in the process of diabetes diagnosis and treatment for everyone~ How to deal with the acute complications of diabetes?
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    Remarks with courtesy and high-quality comments can be awarded an extra 50 medical meters (the number of comments is more than 20 words, and the content of the comment is closely related to the subject of the article, that is, there is a chance to be rated as a high-quality comment)

    Activity rules (1) In order to improve learning efficiency, the article reading time is at least 1 minute, and the course viewing time is at least 5 minutes in order to receive rewards

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    (3) Reading rewards for the study week will be issued before 14:00 the next day

    Activity time December 28th-December 31st *Note: Only participate in the effective participation method in the doctor station App to learn 1.
    Log in to the medical doctor station (if the medical doctor station is not installed, long press the QR code or click to read Download the original text) 2.
    Find the event article and click to enter 3.
    Read/watch the specified event article/video in the article details.
    Doctor Station Learning Week, learning benefits are correct, come and participate~ The medical community strives for its published content to be reviewed and approved The timeliness is accurate and reliable, but it does not make any promises or guarantees on the timeliness of the published content, as well as the accuracy and completeness of the quoted materials (if any), and does not assume that the contents may be outdated and the quoted materials may be out of date.
    Any liability arising from the inaccuracy or incompleteness of the company


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