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    For the first time in Bosten Lake, fish fry are put into the pond by the way of seizing net and temporary feeding

    • Last Update: 2008-11-03
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    Introduction: on October 14, 2005, the annual fish species launch in Bosten Lake officially kicked off

                                 In order to curb the trend of miniaturization of fish and optimize the structure of fish species, Bosten Lake Administration Bureau of Bohu County, while taking appropriate measures to increase the fishing intensity of miscellaneous fish of different sizes, the county's finance shall guarantee the investment funds for fry, and the amount of silver carp, bighead carp and grass carp that cannot be self bred shall be no less than 150 tons every year to the Great Lakes region, which effectively promotes the holding of fishery resources of Bosten Lake Continue to use

                              In order to avoid the contradiction between the fish seed feeding and the lake production, and improve the survival rate and efficiency of the fish seed feeding, this year, Bosten Lake Administration Bureau of Bohu County, after organizing experts to demonstrate in many ways, consulting experts from the Aquatic Scientific Research Institute of the autonomous region, and referring to the fish seed feeding mode of some inland lakes, finally decided to adopt the purse seine for the first time in the Bosten Lake region The effective rate of fish seed delivery can be increased by more than 40% on the basis of the same total amount of delivery

    This year, a total of 116000 yuan has been invested in the construction of 500 mu Seine net water area in Dahekou, Bohu county

    It is planned to put 70 tons of silver carp, 50 tons of bighead carp and 30 tons of grass carp

    The requirements of the fry must be that of the year when the body length is more than 10 cm and the body is strong

    Special personnel shall be assigned to supervise the whole process from net drawing, transportation to putting in, so as to minimize the mechanical damage during the process of putting in the fry

    The fish species that do not meet the requirements shall not enter the lake

    At the same time, in order to keep the water of Bosten Lake clear and prevent the negative eutrophication of the water body, the proportion structure of the fish species put into the lake has been adjusted this year, and the amount of silver carp and Bighead Carp put into the lake has been increased, so that the silver carp and Bighead Carp account for 80% of the amount put in, so as to achieve the effect of keeping the water of Bosten Lake clear.
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