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    Fortunately, "helmet" has your "cover" to protect me - Lubo run water-based coating solutions to create a long-lasting anti-fog function.

    • Last Update: 2020-07-30
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    Since June 1 this year, the "One Helmets" security operation has been launched nationwide.

    scientific studies have shown that proper wearing safety helmets and standardseat belts can reduce the risk of traffic fatality by 60 to 70 percent.

    with the Ministry of Transport policy, a moment set off a "helmet fever", in fact, wearing a helmet this matter, as early as a few years ago has begun to advocate.

    the Shanghai Road Traffic Management Regulations, which came into effect in March 2017, which includes the provisions "advocating the wearing of safety helmets on the road when driving on electric bicycles and motorized (electric) wheelchairs for persons with disabilities", but as of July 2018, the use of electric bicycle helmets in Shanghai was only 12.5% and passenger simply 2.0%.

    people do not want to wear helmets, in addition to fear of heat, fear of heavy, affect the hairstyle and other reasons, the impact on the line of sight is also a major factor that people do not want to wear helmets, especially on rainy days, not only fog, there will be water beads! Don't worry, the path students today to explain to you how to prevent fog and moisture on the helmet, so that everyone can ride safely! To understand how helmets are waterproof to fog, we also have to start with the "anti-fog coating" - what is an anti-fog coating? Anti-fog coating is the use of hydrophilic groups, adsorption of water molecules in the air and reduce the surface tension of the surface, thereby reducing the contact angle between the water molecules and the surface of transparent objects, so that the water molecules have not yet formed a small water beads on the surface of transparent objects, will wet, diffuse on the surface of transparent objects, forming a layer of ultra-thin transparent water film, the incident light no longer produce scattering effect, the line of sight also does not interfere with the role of anti-fog.

    most of the current anti-fog coatings are mainly ingredients of surfactants.

    surfactants have very good anti-fog properties, it works by having different ends of the molecular structure, one end is hydrophilic group and the other is hydrophobic group.

    hydrophilic groups can absorb water molecules to form a water film, showing good anti-fog effect, while hydrophobic groups lead to fluidity of the water film.

    but the most important defect of the anti-fog coating of surfactants is that the effect is not long-lasting and not resistant to washing.

    because the surfactant has water sensitivity (very easy to dissolve in water) and drive the surfactant to dissipate together, so that the anti-fog agent anti-fog effect is also rapidly lost, greatly shortening the anti-fog coating anti-fog time.

    Luborun customized solutions, easy anti-fog do not take the words under the road Borun with a strong water-based resin products, the plastic surface anti-fog coating has been upgraded, with special water-based resin with additives to develop a high adhesion long-lasting anti-fog water-based coating.

    whether it is 100 degrees boiled water hot fog or low temperature environment cold fog has a very good anti-fog effect, and can be gently wiped and washed repeatedly.

    Luborun's water-based coating first for most general plastic sheets, such as PET, PVC, PP, PE, have very good adhesion, the standard of the standard to reach the top 5B standard.

    according to the anti-fog application, the coating does not affect the permeability of the plastic sheet.

    the second single-component formulation design, the transport and storage of coated materials are good, especially widening the construction window, curing into film conditions simple, processing time is not harsh requirements.

    finally take into account the need for plastic sheet or film material to have a roll, the coating formula specifically adds flexible properties, thus widening the application range of the coating.

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